Editorial Comment on Israel.

Editorial Comment on Israel.
The reason I comment and post a lot re: Israel is because I can…and should…and will.
Far too many people are intimidated by accusation of anti -semitism and then act like  cowards and go running. Others like myself,have seen through the facade and have pursued diligent research on the topic, even going back hundreds of years.  
The last thing such well- infomed individual will or can be called is anti – semites…because we see that as an age -old trick that has made the masses freeze like a trained dog..”heal”..as well as the fact that the term semite applies to many arabic non -jewish people .
Yesterday, I posted a couple of videos one of AbeFoxman. He is a propogandist for the ADL Jewish cause and figures 1 out of 6 people are “infected” with anti-semitism?   The person in the video mocked Foxman, and rightly so. Foxman is representative of this psychotic and paranoid and often hateful attitude towards Goyim (Non Jews).
I don’t beleieve people are anti -semitic by nature..they simply get fed up the more they open their eyes to what is going on.
The other video by Dr. David Duke again lays out what is going on in the biggest war- mongering hypocrite country in the world. As he points out, you rarely if ever hear about these atrocities in MainStreamMedia, because Zionists OWN the media, thus censor it…..you have to find these stories on alternative media, or in the Israeli papers whee they brag about it. Israel either feels the UN rules don’t apply to them, or the blatantly ignore them.
Yet , out own politicians state in public  their undying support for this criminal state. That’s how sick our world and its leader are.
Keep in mind the concept of “projection”. This is a concept whereby  the actual perpetrators demonize and project upon their enemies  the same bad qualities they, the perpetrators , are guilty of. The Israelis are notorious for this.
We are at a stage where WW 3 could commence…are you, a member of the 99.9 % of the “GOYIM”world,  going to open your eyes to who the shit disturber war mongers are? Would you allow your own blood to fight and die in another useless war for these scumbags and their puppetts so they can take over more of the world ?
Finally, take note of what goes on in their country, it could very easily occur within our own countries in the very near future. Our own politicians are finding such atrocities acceptable over their in Israel, which means they would find it acceptable in their own countries…correct?
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