Mystery Solved….Gas Powered Weed Eaters.

Mystery Solved….Gas Powered Weed Eaters.

I have had a love- hate relationship with Gas Powered Weed Eaters. They are great when the work….but…



The first one I bought , almost 20 year ago, worked great and lasted for approx. 10 years.

Basically the 2 cycle motors have a rating…ie good for “X” hours of total use.

The next one I bought was same make, but it lasted for 2 years.(beyond Warranty).I was quite ticked

They are not worth fixing, given they depreciate and the first hour of Repair Shop time to just diagnose the problem makes it a losing proposition.

The last one I bought didn’t last long either.

This year I rented one with a 4 cycle engine….believe it or not, ….and it was great, but too expensive to buy.

Just a few days ago, I got a new one (STIHL) as a Fathers day present . My spouse noted  a few things and “oh more thing …..the salesperson said to only use CHEVRON 94 gas…”

I inquired of the dealer the reason why.

He said the other gasolines on the market contain ethanol, which apparently is affecting the motors and creating problems.  Apparently CHEVRON 94 gas does not contain ethanol plus it has a higher octane rating which is much better for these small motors.

So, my guess is that all my older gas powered weedeaters were being affected by ethanol -based gas and ruining them, till some parties looked into the matter.

That’s why when you want quality, you pay for it, and as a bonus usually get the good information that others would not have a clue  about.

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