Revilo P. Oliver PhD : ” THE JEWISH STRATEGY “

THE JEWISH STRATEGY,%20Revilo%20Oliver.pdf

On Spingola’s show, a caller brought to her and her guest’s attention some papers available on line (link above):

I spent some time last night reading this one by Revilo P. Oliver PhD


He passed away in 1994.

From his background, he appears to be alluding to he was in unique and privileged positions with access to key information long before much of it became public.

He was one of the early debunkers of what many people believe is fact.

Delves deep into the Jewish psyche versus Goyim psyche.

He traces Judaica back thousands of years and the history is like a” broken record” right up to modern times .

While I find Oliver’s stand on Christianity and the p treatment of the OT a bit confusing, (I believe he’s an atheist), but that shouldn’t negate the rest of what Oliver says.

Again recommended, and a good primer for those who are starting their own  awakening and epiphany regarding Judaism.

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