Richmond and the attack of GAIA -Zilla ! No one is Safe ! No One !

Richmond  and  the attack of GAIA -Zilla  !  No one is Safe  !

Below are a couple of links to some studies/ strategies/ staff reports that will be tabled before Council soon, likely with the intent of having Council formally ratify these into some sort of bylaws etc.


I always find it curious that our overpaid Staff and clueless Council do very few of these “In House”, but contract them  out to private firms. On the one hand, yes, those private firms may have the proper expertise, but is this a “9 – 11 “scenario…aka is it  a high priority ?

My guess is these studies cost $50,000 and up. I have no idea how many of them the City commissions each year…one is only aware  if they appear on Web-Site or Committee level.

One has to view the proceedings as slow- but gradual -rationing, limiting of options  aka the literal and figurative “Walls closing in” , which  basically results in a cage…..( jail cell )?

In a previous post, I mentioned that if one follows the GAIA cult…Agenda 21…they are already doing an “IT Overlay” over core infrastructure ie..Smart Grid, moreso impacting  an Urban environment.

Now to compliment this, they appear to be doing a “Environmental Overlay” of studies, designations, etc. .  

Gov’ts globally are trying to lassoo and corrall people into urban centers, but doing so in rather soft yet insidious ways.

( Or ……..reducto ad absurdum, if they, Gov’t and their Elite Puppetmasters  could waive a magic wand, they would LOVE to see us all in Hi Rise towers, say….maximum 500 sq ft. per family,…. no cars, all public transportation, ration water, power, heating….monitor everything we do 24/7…basically all imprisoned without any charges but effectivley under their control. Can’t we see this going on as we speak? )


How INSANE and CORRUPT is this getting ?

Listening to a  discussion on the radio, a few of the anecdotes:

— Biologists were charged with planting hairs from a certain species”Y”  in an area and then claiming the area supported a  species”Y” and should be preserved aka NO PEOPLE. Another example on a loooong list of corrupted science.

— Even animals that are not native to an area “X” , ie no historical record of ever living there , yet found in an area “X” is sufficient  grounds to again preserve the area aka NO PEOPLE.

— A plan to move some Grizzly Bears from Yellowstone Park TO Montana. The concern was that they would breed a mutant strain of bear. Apparently Yellowstone Grizzlies diet consist of 80% Meat, while Montana Grizzlies diet consists of only 20% meat.  This will ultimately create a more aggressive and dangerous breed of Grizzly and thus wreak havoc to people and the environment.

I will delve into the Richmond ESA studies (links above)more at a later date…but don’t think because it may not affect you directly (aka ” I’m All Right Jack ” ) it still won’t affect you. They are stealing people property rights without compensation…are prepared to charge and fine them…etc..more Big Brother.  Then the land without the ESA designation will become increasingly densified, which again is their aim…a soft- but- subtle sledgehamer. Think of “Theft” meets “Imprisonment” as the Jaws of the Vise keep closing in on all of us and our right to choose..

What ultimately happens is these studies act as a”Trojan Horse”…terms of perverse reference that can be set in motion , and then more expansion of bureaucracy, which ultimately leads to less freedom for the REST OF US.

Another in a looooong list of THEM versus US.

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