Useful Idiots…sayanora

Useful idiots…sayanora
The term “Useful idiots ” is an old one, often used to describe how a “Power Elite” will use naive, well- meaning and even highly -educated people as front-line stooges to further their agenda.
What I have noticed is these useful idiots never seem to form a group of just themselves….these sheep inevitably gravitate to,  or are co-opted by,  “wolves”.
Yesterday, I read a column  in a local paper  by a party who stated that this was their 2nd last column. They and their family were moving from Richmond to their recently purchased farm on Vancouver Island. This person was a long time advocate for Urban Farming, Food Security, Sustainability, Go Green etc. Last week we were treated to  a sermon on environmentally -safer Tampons.
Its all fine and dandy to  welcome and encourage free speech. However, I have tried to rebutt/debate some of her comments but it was clear that the local newspaper wanted to maintain a certain subjective slant to   the issues.
While this person is a very nice and decent as a person, that is irrelevant. I have always been of the view that she and her colleagues were used as the representative buffer between the majority of citizens and the Elite(represented by Gov’t).
Example: They lobby for garden plots ie 10 ft X 20 ft..or less, to be built on Public Land at taxpayers expense. Then people are encouraged to rent them. As a rough estimate…..I would guess a 3-5 mile round trip for most users and their pollution  emitting cars. ie makes no practical sense.  Anyone that gardens know it is very labour intensive and requires a lot of monitoring. They also light their hair on fire on a number of trivial issues that are certainly not epidemic, more of an anomaly.
The collateral damage they do is they become to “Go To”  people for quotes and opinions.Then people begin to perceive them as experts, not the “touchy feely” subjective idealists really they are. Never EVER mention practicality or economic feasibility…they believe money grows on trees…sort of the perfect GAIA cult .People that know the facts ,and done the research, and wish to debate them are deemed the enemy, the bad guys.
The fact that this columnist is leaving to me is a sign they were never really were in the battle, a bit selfish self -centered ?  as “true warriors ” stick it out through thick and thin.   
Then, the irony  is they get to actually pursue the dream, y’know, put their money where their”Useful Idiot “mouth.
My guess is they will be back to reality real soon….eating a lot of “humble organic pie”.
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