The Shitty of Richmond BC

The Shitty of Richmond BC

Last night, one of my colleagues called me. He had received a letter from the Local Kremlin aka the City of Richmond re: an issue and a Public Meeting that will be held.

Our overpaid/bored(redundant)bureaucrats are doing  another update of the city Official Community Plan(OCP) which our Richmond Shitty Hall has an expiry date till 2041.

Official Community Plan (2041) Update

ocp community gardenTowards a Sustainable Community
What is your vision for the City of Richmond in 2041? The City of Richmond is updating its current Official Community Plan to enable the City to better manage social, environmental and economic changes. For the past 18 months, the City has been gathering community input for the 2041 Update that will guide Richmond’s future to 2041. The first two rounds of community consultation took place in November 2009 and October 2010. The process has lead to the preparation of the draft OCP Update Concept.


So, rather than the traditional (5) year shelf life, which allows for flexibility, and not restricting change, but effectively handcuffing future generation for 30+ years….thus current bunch of clowns at city hall are playing God for future generations.

If you don’t GET IT by now….they are not representing us, but obeying THEIR M-A-S-T-E-R-S.

Back to my neighbour:

The letter he received ( yesterday JUNE 15, 2012 ) was  to inform him of an Open House on JUNE 27 ,2012 re: a report  dated JUNE 7, 2012. Summer is rapidly approaching, as City Hall basically shuts down in August re: Council and Committees.

So, in essence, the Reports and their recommendations are adding more RED TAPE to a class of property owners, which for all intents and purposes is more soft UNcompensated expropriation .

This is simply a “token bit of awareness” in what is quite clearly a pre-decided and ramped up agenda is the modus- operandi for Richmond Shitty Hall.

Are Y-O-U next ?

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