Comment from REALTOR Larry Yatkowsky(Larry is this a threat? Please advise !)

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  2. Loon Says: Reply to this comment
    June 15th, 2012 at 8:09 am

    Yatter Matters has the most scariest table I’ve seen all year:

    Summary: the majority of FTBs are local, young families putting down 25% or less. HAM is 3-4% if that (an urban legend essentially).

    Scary but we suspected this all along. The source data is REBGV (and realtors) so take it with a grain of salt. Overall it looks balanced so have some Free Beer it’s Friday !

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  3. ========================================================================
So Larry……what are you gonna do…..threaten me?  or apologize.
 YOU dropped the guantlet.
WE can make this as VIRAL as possible….OR____________________________
Your Choice, Larry
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