City of Richmond : Surplus spending gets final approval

City of Richmond : Surplus spending gets final approval

Updated: June 13, 2012 3:52 PM


Richmond city council gave final approval to a surplus spending scheme Monday night.



Last year’s municipal government surplus, which totalled $4,556,000 of taxpayers’ money, will now be divided among 17 projects or reserve accounts. The largest amount, $1.3 million, is being set aside for RCMP officers in line for retroactive pay once a wage dispute concludes.



Among the spending is $100,000 to hire a consultant to update accounting procedures of community associations, which run the city’s community centres, to ensure proper financial checks and balances are in place.



Another $100,000 is earmarked for Salmon Row, a play the city hopes to bring back to Britannia Heritage Shipyard this summer. It has an expected run of 10 days.



Higher building permit revenues, vacancies in emergency services and a city hall directive last September to freeze discretionary spending contributed to the surplus, according to staff.

Breakdown of surplus spending

•$1,289,053: RCMP retroactive pay

•$975,188: Additional capital projects for 2013

•$500,000: Capital building and infrastructure reserve

•$400,000: Richmond Fire-Rescue equipment/vehicle reserve

•$275,000: Public works infrastructure replacement

•$250,000: Consultant to assess contaminated sites, as per new Public Sector Accounting Board requirement

•$150,000: Design for Lansdowne Road greenway project

•$125,000: Major events fund

•$100,000: Salmon Row 2013 play at Britannia Heritage Shipyard (half the cost of a 10-day run)

•$100,000: Integrating donation of 46,000 Chinese language books into library system

•$100,000: Consultant to update accounting procedures at community associations

•$89,259: 9-month extension of lease for city offices on Hollybridge Way

•$85,000: Consultant to complete 5 to 8 “pre-design assessments” for energy management projects

•$67,500: Replacement of Richmond Fire-Rescue’s Mobile Community Safety Education Unit

•$50,000: Part-time temporary child care co-ordinator (one year)

•$30,000: Consultant to review and update 2008-2012 youth strategy

•$20,000: Child care grants



“Doing the Math”…..the alleged surplus works out to approx $23 per Richmond Citizen ( assuming 200,000 citizens)

So……WTF is going on ?

IMHO……some sort of “shell game” / ” ponzi scheme”.

Anyone, especially in Gov’t  can create and manipulate a “surplus”. Oldest trick in the book .

Then they can BullSh*t  their BOSSES, ie the citizens…that they have done such a great job.

No, it is self – incriminating.

What they are actually saying is they extorted a pro-rata amount of $23 /per Richmond Citizen more than they should have.

Rather than refunding the extortion..err ” taxation “…OR simply applying the “surplus ” to a fund that would be used to buffer tax increases…. the City of Richmond takes the creative accounting approach to piss more of OUR  Tax  $$$  down the rathole.

What makes me P-U-K-E is the RCMP retroactive pay. 

Why do we still have the RCMP….the record shows they are an Old Boys Club more corrupt than the criminals they “allegedly” chase.

Conclusion: Nothing but  a featherbedding fiscal rip-off ORGY !!!!

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