“ALEC ” E-X-P-O-S-E-D (Part 1)

“ALEC ” E-X-P-O-S-E-D (Part 1)

American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)


The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is an 501(c)(3) American charitable and educational organization,[2] composed of conservative thinkers, state legislators of both parties, businesses and foundations that exists for the purpose of drafting research, policy papers and model legislation to assist and influence state legislatures and promote free-market and conservative ideas.[3][4][5][6] According to the organization’s website, members share a common belief that “government closest to the people” is “fundamentally more effective, more just, and a better guarantor of freedom than the distant, bloated federal government in Washington, D.C.”[1][7]

ALEC is perhaps best known for drafting model legislation on issues such as tax treatment of corporations, tightening voter identification rules, minimizing environmental protections, and promoting gun rights.[6][8][9] Model legislation drafted by ALEC is designed to be easily adopted by state legislators and introduced as legislation.[9] ALEC also serves as a networking tool among state legislators, allowing them to research the handling and “best practices” of policy in other states.[9]

ALEC’s role in drafting and distributing model legislation through its lawmaker members has been the subject of controversy. The New York Times wrote that “special interests effectively turn ALEC’s lawmaker members into stealth lobbyists, providing them with talking points, signaling how they should vote, and collaborating on bills affecting hundreds of issues like school vouchers and tobacco taxes.”[6] BusinessWeek noted that progressive advocacy groups like Common Cause questioned ALEC’s non-profit status.[10] ALEC responded by denying that it engaged in lobbying, and arguing that liberal groups were attacking ALEC because “they don’t have a comparable group that is as effective as ALEC in enacting policies into law.”[10]



I was informed of this A.L.E.C. while listening to Deanna Spingolas show. I wasn’t at all surprised, in fact, I always suspected some such entity existed, and not just in the U.S.

This is simply more evidence that the so -called Democratic System and Elected Representation is a sham, a sick pathetic joke imposed on the ignorant and gullible Public.

Vested interests simple meet in the back rooms, draft legislation and policy etc. that ultimately serves THEIR interests. However, they need the Elected Politicians to approve it, so it probably goes through a few bureaucrats first so that  it looks legitimate  and done ” in- house”.

Let’s be blunt:. Even the minority  of us who do try to keep on top of  Gov’t proceeding really do not have a clue where much of the inspiration/source  for various reports, laws, bylaws originates from. We can go on- line and  read what will be tabled and voted on by our politicians, you will see some names and signatures on the documents to be voted on…so what? That proves nothing.

In essence there a various groups all over working in the shadows,basically doing what A.L.E.C. does,  deftly sliding it under the noses of the frauds and charlatans we elect, and then the  BIG RUBBER STAMP   comes out.

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