MORE Tales from the R-E-A-L World .

MORE  Tales from the REAL World .
A few years ago….while out walking, I noticed a mattress had been dumped on the sidewalk near a Bus-Stop.
Quite irresponsible by the person who did it.
However, the next time I walked by,  an Orange Traffic Cone with the “City of Richmond” logo had been placed on top of the mattress. I assumed that the City was aware of it and didn’t want people to trip on it and would send a crew ASAP to pick it up.
However, the Cone and the mattress stayed there for days , which inspired me to take a picture.  I am thus thinking, while mattresses can be heavy,  they are still quite manageable for a single person at least load up onto a truck. What the City actually did was leave a hazard and admit it via the cone placement , yet no quick removal.
MORE RECENTLY:  Over the past few weeks, while visiting a family member, I noticed this short road into the subdivision has had a few items dumped at a certain spot ,( ie beside the road, on City Property …which has overgrown grass etc. )
However, this past week I noticed a large bulky TV, old Tube type, which was dumped in the same area  . It sat there a few days…then I noticed a single  Orange “City of Richmond” Traffic Cone placed beside it.
The TV and the Traffic Cone sat for a few days. Then  couple of days ago , I saw (3) …..count em THREE ….Traffic Cones (do they breed ?) on top of the TV and two cones on the ground on either side of the TV. ( I took a photo of this today )
So the evidence suggests that the City is fully aware of the abandoned TV and someone from the City has been on site to monitor the TV at least TWICE.  Now, my guess is the City Staff  write reports re: each instance..typical bureaucracy, yet have not done a damn constructive thing to remove the problem.
I presume this TV will eventually be picked up, as the City as no choice.
However, this is another sign of a bloated featherbedded City Hall making it clear how much FAT we have in the Staffing ranks, yet having the sheer audacity to continually raise taxes.
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