Senate Approves Controversial Gay Counseling Ban

Senate Approves Controversial Counseling Ban

City:  Sacramento, CA
Date:  05/30/2012

The California Senate today voted in favor of a groundbreaking bill designed to prohibit counselors and therapists from telling young people it is possible to change same-sex attractions.

The bill has sparked outrage from individuals who have overcome unwanted same-sex feelings sparked by childhood sexual abuse. It is also being opposed by Pacific Justice Institute, whose attorneys believe its blanket ban on certain types of counseling is unconstitutional. PJI has been working with ministries and professionals in the targeted fields to highlight the plethora of legal problems with the bill.

In a sign that the opposition to SB 1172 may be stronger than was anticipated by its sponsors, Sen. Ted Lieu (D-Torrance) and Equality California, the bill was amended for the fifth time late last week. The version of the bill passed today abandoned sweeping liability provisions for mental health professionals who do not affirm same-sex attraction and also deleted so-called informed consent provisions that would have applied to adult patients.


The bill retains its most controversial provisions, however, banning mental health professionals from counseling minors in ways that would discourage same-sex or bisexual feelings. The new version of the bill also declares for the first time that the state has a compelling interest in protecting the “psychological well-being” of LGBT youth.

PJI Staff Attorney Matthew McReynolds has been coordinating PJI’s opposition to SB 1172 and participated in a televised debate with Sen. Lieu over the bill. McReynolds noted, “As long as this bill threatens to shame patients and silence counselors, therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists, we will vigorously oppose it. We cannot afford to let the state invade the counseling room or doctor’s office to dictate what views on sexuality are acceptable and unacceptable.”

The bill now moves to the state Assembly for consideration. Brad Dacus, the President of Pacific Justice Institute, commented, “We are one giant step closer to seeing one of the most chilling suppressions of speech yet in the never-ending LGBT push to silence opposition. This is clearly no longer about civil rights—it is about eradicating traditional values. Californians who care about what is happening with SB 1172 need to bombard their Assembly members with phone calls, faxes and in-person visits to urge no votes on SB 1172.”

Pacific Justice Institute is a non-profit legal organization dedicated to defending religious, parental, and other constitutional rights.
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In this Bizarro world nothing surprises me, but I do keep an open mind re: HIDDEN AGENDA

The Kinsey Studies stated that approx. 10 % of the population is “gay”…but that was based on seriously flawed data and methodology. Another more objective study stated that the % of Gay people  in the population is in the very low single digits.

Regardless, WHY is Gov’t selectively involving itself in the “certain” bedrooms of society ?

Most Parties that seek counselling and therapy do so of their own free will. They make this personal choice because the status -quo is no longer comfortable to them . In other words, they seek help to change from the status -quo.


The new version of the bill also declares for the first time that the state has a compelling interest in protecting the “psychological well-being” of LGBT youth.

When I read these types of Big Brother issues , I look closely at the rationale….it’s usually a beauty.

The Big Brother Gov’t states it has a compelling interest in  protecting the “psychological well-being” of LGBT youth. HUH?

How ……..can it read minds ?

Gov’t never seems to know its ass -from- a- hole- in- the- ground. In essence, what it is saying is that Gov’t does not want LGBT youth to change via personal choice…further extrapolated as this might affect certain hidden agendas.

More disgusting is the fact that many LGBT persons were sexually abused and the trauma has made them uncertain abut their true sexuality, but the Gov’t is preferring they stay in some artificially induced   “2nd choice mode”.



IMHO, the Gay issue is usually very highly politically charged, situations which Gov’ts lust over. It appears they, Gov’t  leverage these very polarizing issues issues so as to create wedges amongst groups and to show the Public who is boss…. much like a dictator. This also deflect attention away from much higher priority issues that affect as ALL.

Furthermore, it appears that Gov’t fear that LGBT youth may be successful in their goal to change  their current sexual orientation, and that would create another politically volatile mess. In other words. Gov’t likely feels that Therapy and Counselling will be successful in many cases…the the Gay issue has its politicized special interest group balloon popped.

IMHO Gov’ts , like the medical profession, dread CURES or FIXES… may upset the system they built and live off of. Gov’t is making an obvious choice that LGBT  is THEIR  preference  and will take any/all means to preserve it.

Choice Denied is Justice Denied = Big Brother

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