Are there no calendars at Richmond City Hall?

Are there no calendars at Richmond City Hall?

Richmond News June 6, 2012

The Editor,

Two days ago as I stood wasting time waiting for the traffic lights to cycle at the Steveston Scramble, or perhaps better labelled “The Million Dollar Circus on the Corner,” I noticed the city has barricaded the entire section adjacent to the corner and well into Steveston Park to begin construction of the multi-million dollar cover to display the Steveston Tram.

Could someone at the parks department tell me who thought it was a good idea to start this massive project right now, the beginning of the tourist season and run it right through that season, well into the winter?

They had all last fall, winter and spring of this year to get this project done, but “Oh no, let’s set up a massive construction project on the busiest corner in west Richmond and now deny or compromise access to the thousands of tourists and residents who enjoy Steveston all summer.”

This way, the project should be completed in mid-winter and the tram will be there for all the world to see, except it will be finished after the world has gone home. Smart move city hall.

And here’s another bit of fabulous planning. Last year, the city dug out all of the blackberry bushes and vegetation along Railway Avenue to allow for construction of a much touted trail from Garry Street up to Burnett Secondary.

(Apparently the bike lane and sidewalk that now exist are not enough.)

They spent weeks digging it all out and then left it. Nothing was done for months and months. Now the bushes are growing back. No sign of any work or any trail.

I called the city yesterday to see what was going on with this trail and was advised that work will begin on the project now with completion hopefully in the fall. I hope we can all enjoy the trail in the rain and winds of October and November instead of this summer when, if they had not abandoned the project as they did, it could be completed and in use.

Before the first vegetation was pulled out of that greenbelt, the plans should have been in place and the work continued and finished so it could be enjoyed this summer.

The parks department of this city has absolutely no trouble spending millions on projects, but can’t seem to find a calendar to figure out when to do the work.

I hope the thousands of tourists that pour into Steveston this summer enjoy the traffic diversions, the hammering and banging whilst trying to enjoy our community.

Then, in the coming winter, I will break out my rain suit and ride up and down the new trail. Won’t it all just make for a lot of well planned fun?

R. Lamb Richmond




Yep..that’s pretty much the  “Executive Summary” of City Of Richmond….

The Left Hand doesn’t know what the Right Hand is doing 24 / 7 / 365 (including holidays).

This Local Gov’t is so F*cking featherbedded with uselessness….my guesstimate is we could cut at minimum  1/3 of the Staff and not notice a decline in CORE Services.  The rest is simply Taxpayer- funded  High End WELFARE.

This logically implies/infers that we have Bureaucratic ” EMPIRE Building “…whereby we have an extremely bloated civil service that is forever engaged in Job Justification in their disconnected mini -fiefdom worlds….with no cross referencing or positive collaboration as to budgetting , overlaps, scheduling etc.

The Steveston Tram Building issue is a World Class example of dysfunctional Gov’t. The original concept to restore the Tram and create a building to house it was the initiative of a Volunteer Group.

For some VERY strange reason, the City Of Richmond co-opted the project and took over control. If one follows the paper trail…..the costs have continually ramped up from their original estimates.

In other is clearly out of control, but, as usual, no accountability.

Regardless, this is not sustainable.

Time for ” Revolt of the Plebs” before it is too late.

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