Shepard Ambellas: My Experience at Bilderberg (Part 2)

Shepard Ambellas: My Experience at Bilderberg (Part 2)


By Shepard Ambellas
June 5, 2012

A unique first hand account of the Bilderberg Meetings.

Note: This is Part 2 of  Shepard Ambellas: My Experience at Bilderberg 2012 (Part 1)

Day 4

Friday, June 1 marked the second day of the Bilderberg meeting that took place in Chantilly Virginia. The weather was very nice in the morning, much cooler than the day before as the sun was masked behind the clouds — however, we knew rain was a possibility for later in the day.

Jason Bermas, Alex Thomas, and myself were exhausted at this point (regardless of the 6 hours sleep we got) as we were up into the wee hours of the night doing radio interviews and uploading footage  — but it didn’t matter, we were fully focused on exposing the globalist attendees and bringing Bilderberg 2012 into the open like never before.

Our day started out with a quick GMO/pink slime breakfast from Arby’s (I know, whatever, we were in a hurry) as we headed to the Marriott to get to work (documenting the action).

As we approached the Marriott I wanted to do a drive-by the entrance so I could yell at the top of my lungs to release some tension and pump up the crowd.

As we approached I laid on the horn hard, yelling;

“Down with the Bilderberger’s”

The crowd was growing quick around the complex, you could tell it would be a big day.

A few straggler globalists trickled in as the crowd went wild with the bullhorns and independent journalists jumped into the road to snap photos.

At one point there was a blasting sound wave emitting from the protestors bullhorns as it shook the conference wing of the Westfields Marriott. Alex Jones was loving it.

Shortly after this Alex Jones came back in from break on live radio. (Alex Jones Show on GCN) Alex signaled me over as he put me on air.

Just for the record, it was awesome to see Alex Jones in action — the man is made of energy inspired by passion — he is the real deal.

Alex then eluded that he really wanted to see our Kissinger footage, so I was off to let Alex Thomas know he needs to get it up ASAP on’s main page.

We were using a Verison 4G hotspot with unreal upload and download speeds, the technology is incredible.

We were able to operate up to 11 devices off of the hotspot, in fact we even shared it at one point with the Press for Truth crew who was also on scene doing a fantastic job.

At that point there was a change in tone, the police seemed to be getting frustrated.

I don’t know if it was the bull horning or what but you could see it on their face.

By this time there were over 400 protestors scatted about the entrance.

Photo Credit: Shepard Ambellas – ©

Around this time  the crowd went wild as an American Free Press staffer got slammed by about 6 police thugs.

One bullhorner spouted;

“You are a bunch of fucking Nazi’s mother fuckers!”

This was a turning point in the protest as the demonstrators realized that the local cops were not messing around, apparently enjoying serving the very people stealing their pension funds and destroy the world.

Other arrests were made as well, all on bogus charges.

It eventually started raining hard causing our gear to get completely soaked and bringing some of the coverage to a standstill.

Photo Credit: Shepard Ambellas — ©

By the end of the day it appeared some of the police were coming around, almost as if they were having a rude awakening.

It was a real sight to see.

Once we got back to the hotel we had to dump photo’s and footage and get the content out to the masses.

We were scheduled to go to dinner with certain members of the alternative media, truthers, and more mainline press at the Texas Roadhouse around 8:30 pm.

We entered the steakhouse and it was a sight like no other as it was a who’s-who of the truth movement all packed in to one steakhouse.

During our dinner I had 3 interviews scheduled back to back and had to go outside due to the loud nature of the restaurant. Chris Geo with Truth Frequency Radio, and Popeye with were calling.

As I was exiting the Steakhouse to go on air, Alex Jones was walking in (how surreal).

The whole experience was great. It was key to see members of the alternative media coming together untiring for one common purpose, to expose these tyrannical oligarch’s. I even had a beer with Mark Dice.

Day 5

We returned to central command. It was uneventful.

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