Shepard Ambellas: My Experience at Bilderberg 2012 (Part 1)

Shepard Ambellas: My Experience at Bilderberg 2012 (Part 1)

COMMENT:  FYI Bilderberg Meetings are held for the World’s Elite

By wmw_admin on June 6, 2012

Shepard Ambellas – The Intel Hub June 3, 2012

Around 130 or more international bankers, top financiers, Heads-of-State, CEO’s and CFO’s, large controlled press agencies, and more shady figureheads than you can shake a stick at have converged over the past three days at the Westfields Marriott, nestled in the wooded area around Chantilly Virginia.

Sunday concluded the 58th annual meeting of the Bilderberg Group as a massive peaceful protest was a success in most respects.

As press, the preparation for an event like this is intense. We were working solid for the entire week prior, readying our gear for deployment to the biggest globalist gathering of the year — Bilderberg 2012.

We had to make sure we had the best live streaming capabilities possible and that we would obtain the highest tier on location internet speeds possible in order to upload all of the data to and YouTube.

Alex Thomas, Jason Bermas and myself (Shepard Ambellas) traveled to Virginia with reader and sponsor support to document the event as press corps.

Day 1

Our plan was to travel with only what we could carry on our person so that we would avoid any risk from TSA or the airlines to hold, obtain, or delay our gear from reaching our final destination.

As Alex Thomas and myself arrived at our first departing airport, TSA was already eyeballing us. I had already assumed they would strip my bag apart so I packed it well, assuring that all items would fall under all  TSA and airline rules and regulations for carry-on items.

A female voice called out (TSA agent);

“Who’s bag is this?”, as it passed through the scanner.

Of course the set is history as they stripped my bag apart.

Once we got to the Dallas Fort Worth airport Alex Thomas crossed through the TSA security perimeter, upon reentry the TSA held him and claimed that they found an explosive substance on his person.

Eventually he was allowed to pass after a higher-up from TSA released him.

Just about this time, Jason “The Infowarrior” Bermas Tweeted;

I just refused a body scanner and got a full pat-down

Once we finally arrived at Dulles International in Washington (the scene of one of the Die Hard movies) late Tuesday evening, we were shuttled to our rental car and were on our way to Chantilly.

The weather was pretty nice as we arrived at our hotel.

The flight was grilling as we were each lugging around a 40lb backpack loaded to the max with equipment and personal items like clothing and such.

That night we ran equipment tests and planned for counter surveillance of the grounds the following day.

TSA Strips Apart Intel Hub Crew Members Gear In Route to Bilderberg 2012

Day 2

The following day we were able to obtain footage from inside the Marriott grounds as secret service and local police along with private security and others patrolled the ground heavy.

Unmarked cars littered the main drive.

We scouted the area with one final sweep. 

Bilderberg: Driving Through the Westfield Marriot-Police, Feds, and Security Fence [TheIntelHub]



Bilderberg Building Security Fence Around Westfield – Police Everywhere video continues

Day 3

Thursday, May 31 our alarms went off rather early in order to get a jump on the event. We arrived at around 7 am on-scene.

Upon arrival we immediately drove into the Westfield Marriot and were able to capture two videos before being escorted out by security as they made preparations for a checkpoint that would stop others from entering whatsoever. 

Bilderberg 2012 Thursday Morning – Before Security LOCKDOWN

Inside Bilderberg: Security Says Stop Filming As Lockdown Begins

Protesters were starting to amass as I started a series of radio interviews I was scheduled for throughout the week. I kicked off the long list of interviews I had scheduled worldwide with The Power Hour hosted by Joyce Riley on GCN.

What a pleasant show to be on as Joyce and her crew are some of the top professionals when it comes to syndicated talk radio.

After a few more early morning interviews I was hard at work trying to grab clear shots of the criminal oligarch’s attending the meeting while juggling interviews throughout the day.

View all our EXCLUSIVE photos of actual Bilderberg attendees here.

Around noon we were to run U-Stream test and found we had made a dire mistake, making it impossible for our U-Stream to go live. We decided to ditch the live stream and revert to still photo shots and video.

Bermas had multiple cameras on location filming video as he himself was conducting and being a part of interview after interview.

The scene started to get intense with police presence and barricades as the protestors ramped up the bullhorns.

In the distance was a faint bullhorn with a classic Alex Jones voice in full force announcing his presence on the scene.

Mobs of protestors and photo journalists swarmed Jones, it was an intense moment.

Throughout the day I was getting paparazzi shots as the globalists entered the compound. At times I was only 2 inches from them, and so were my feet.

The cars would speed through the checkpoint using security protocols and evasive driving skills to elude the protestors and my camera.

The police did not like the fact that I was getting the shots and at one point threatened my arrest saying;

“Don’t step near the car like that or you will be arrested”.

Finally one of the officers let me know that some of them are awake. To my surprise the officer took point off where I was and shielded the other officers from me so I could obtain the pictures.

I want to give a special thanks to that officer.

However, I noticed about 85% of the police force on site were minions of the globalists and or afraid to loose their jobs.

The weather was extremely hot at this point as over 300 protestors from across the country were in full force.

Matt and Cody’s crew from Truth Exposed Radio out of Texas hit the globalists hard with heavy bullhorning as the summer heat burned my flesh.

Once we returned to the hotel to dump the footage, Webster Tarpley reporting for a German outfit and Charlie Skelton with the Guardian arrived at our hotel to help us identify some of the Bilderberg attendees that we posted on

After that is was non-stop dumping footage and radio interview that took us well beyond 1 am in the morning.

Part II continues here…

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