The “Mailed Body Parts” saga…

The “Mailed Body Parts” saga…
Random Tragedy…..or Conspiracy..or bit of both.
While it hit the news yesterday, that a couple of body parts  had been mailed to (2) Vancouver Schools,  there is some , albeit small, evidence that it may be connected to that incident in Montreal .
I listened on the radio re: the Press Conference, but as usual the Police couldn’t or wouldn’t release much info.
Was it the actions of a single person? It could be.However, my gut feeling is it is not, somethings just don’t seem right.
Are various body parts going to be mailed all over the country ? People afraid to open packages from Montreal ? ….or anywhere? 
Regardless….one thing to be 100% sure of is the traumatization of the citizens, AND that Big Brother will     step in and step up some course of action. It does this because rightly or wrongly, it feels impotent when such things happen….it has to do S-O-M-E-T-H-I-N-G. ie Increased security at Canada Post ? or laws to open any and all mail…….loss of privacy ?
Contrast this with the ongoing Pickton  Tribunal….ugly revelations of terrible police work and incompetence many of us never heard of during the trial. Gee…after that “black eye”..they(Gov’t and Police) need “something/anything” positive ?.
Or…..again recall False Flag operations…meant to instill fear into the citizens and Big Brother now has a perfect excuse to do “FILL IN THE BLANK______”.  A classic line is they, in power  do NOT like to waste a Good Crisis…aka 9/11 and Homeland Security?
As I say, we don’t know all the details, but never exclude the possibility that this incident may have been a Master Plan with a hidden agenda.
PS : Remember Paul Bernardo (with his wife Karla Homolka killed two teenagers) and that High Ranking Military person back East convicted of killing (2) women ? They were BOTH school mates who knew each other (not widely reported).   Coincidence? or…?
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