McGuinty ‘anti-bullying’ gay rights Bill 13 passes 65-36

 McGuinty ‘anti-bullying’ gay rights Bill 13 passes 65-36

by Patrick B. Craine

  • Tue Jun 05, 2012 12:11 EST
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TORONTO, Ontario, June 5, 2012 ( – The McGuinty government’s controversial homosexual ‘rights’ bill that forces homosexual activist clubs on the province’s schools, including those operated by the Catholic Church, passed its final vote in the legislature Tuesday.

Bill 13 passed at 11:50 a.m. in a vote of 65-36 with support from the Liberal and New Democrat parties, and opposition by the Progressive Conservatives.

Dalton McGuinty

The bill’s passage lays the groundwork for a possible constitutional battle with the province’s Catholic bishops.

“The battle begins,” said Mary Ellen Douglas, president of Campaign Life Coalition Ontario. ““The Minister of Education has said she will force the GSAs on Catholic schools, more or less whether they like it or not.”

“I’m hoping that the bishops of Ontario realize what the implications are of this vote and for Catholic schools and will stand firmly with their people behind them,” she continued. “We have to wake up the people who are paying those tax bills about what has just happened in the legislature today.”

The “anti-bullying bill” faced months of protests by parents and pro-family advocates who believe its hyper-focus on homosexual-related bullying represents a threat to parental rights and religious freedom.

The bill requires all publicly-funded schools to allow “gay-straight alliances”, though Ontario Human Rights Commission chief commissioner Barbara Hall has implied the bill could even be applied to private schools.

It required homosexual clubs from the beginning, but gave schools the option to refuse the name “gay-straight alliance” until the government introduced an amendment May 25th. It now requires schools to accept GSAs if requested by a student.

According to Cardinal Thomas Collins of Toronto, the amendment “overrides the deeply held beliefs” of the Church and “intrudes on its freedom to act in a way that is in accord with its principles of conscience.”

The possibility of a legal battle remains unclear as Archbishop Collins said before the vote that that discussion was premature.

Though the Ontario Catholic School Trustees Association opposed the “gay-straight alliance” amendment, they signaled that the school boards would obey the law if passed.

“If the amendment passes, our schools and our boards will comply with the legislation,” said OCSTA president Marino Gazzola. “If the legislation passes, we expect our boards will obey, but we will still have our options to look at.”

“The rights of Catholics to their own school system, which is guaranteed under the [British North America Act], are being trampled on,” said Douglas. “It’s time Catholics stood up for their rights.”

She warned also that Bill 13 is not an “Ontario event.” “Believe me, this will be coming to all of the provinces now. They need to watch too,” she said.



Background: As some of you may of may not know, some provinces within Canada have a (i)”Catholic” Public School System and the  (ii)usual Public School System…and then also(iii) a Private School System.

EXAMPLE: Alberta is one such Province.

(NOTE: This is different than BC where there is (i) ONE PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM and all others are (ii) Private Schools).

Such systems as In Alberta and Ontario have historical roots one can GOOGLE, but basically an Catholic Public School system does have some historical autonomy, faith based education, which is the issue re: BILL 13 (……. wonder why they picked #13..hmmm??)

Question: Should Gay people cheer ? Should ANYONE cheer ? ……..the passage of this Bill 13

Answer IMHO?  NO !

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with Gay people, they are simply being used as fodder, puppetts , props  and scapegoats for other agendas.

As I noted in past posts..the “Separation between Church and State” was meant to protect the Church from the State interference and not the opposite as many currently misinterpret.

First of all….this legislation is implying that the Gov’t is a “White Knight”  there to support and protect a defined group… this case “gay” children.


” The McGuinty government’s controversial homosexual ‘rights’ bill that forces homosexual activist clubs on the province’s schools, including those operated by the Catholic Church, passed its final vote in the legislature Tuesday “.

What IS a Homosexual “activist ” club ?  It seems these will be in all schools..from Grades K – 12.

What for ? Anyone can have a club if they choose just about anywhere…why is the Gov’t imposing this? Who is going to run it ?

What if no – one shows up ?

Or..does the Gov’t seriously think children will want to attend and have their classmates “know” , ……thus labelled ….and THEN  be teased and bullied,…don’t kid yourself. We were all kids once and know how bullying works.

Gov’ts have far more important and pressing issues than to delve into  this issue..if it is in fact a real issue. It can be resolved without the Gov’t , which, historically, is  a dysfunctional F*ck Up at the best of time, as almost anything Gov’t  touches usually turns into  SH*T.

IMHO, Gov’t does this sort of thing for numerous reasons. It deflects attention from more important and higher priority issues. It creates controversy and thus more “divide and conquer ” wedges in society.

It (Gov’t and its Elected Members)are into Big Brother mode….their goal  is to show EVERYONE who is boss..resistance is futile. Step on everything that stands in their way…especially religion, as one cannot have (2) Gods/Masters…so “out” with “THE Original “.

Do they worry about losing votes?

I think not.. I am of the view these Power Hungry whores  wish to turn off as many people as is possible so that they can cater to small lobbies and special interest groups..even though they make sure all of us papy taxes, some of which goes  towards these agendas.  Gov’ts wet dream would be to have l-o-w voter turnout and then focus on small groups, who will help them maintain power with all its perks and pensions etc.,…. while still taxing 100% of the citizens.

What’s next on their “to – do -n’ – screw ”  list ?

Like I say No -One wins, they will simply come after OTHER people/groups and THEIR beliefs and impose their will on them as well.


PS:How about a “club” for A-L-L people fed up with Gov’t……thats’ one I’d bet would be SRO !!!

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