Doesn’t one find this absolutely galling ?
Perfect example of what I stated in previous posts.
Israel won’t take the UN ‘s Rainbow of Refugee Immigrants….but the Faux Chosen have no problem lobbying that they should come to the US(or other western countries).
What sheer hypocritical crap.
Then the Faux Chosen stir up various ethnic groups once they do immigrate so that they feel oppressed aka coded language that it is “ALWAYS the Caucasian GOYIM fault ” for (FILL IN THE BLANK_____…..)……whatever.
Actually, it is Zionist Israel, Rothschilds and  their  Faux Chosen tribe whose warmongering policies and “Israels bitch Gov’ts ”  throughout the world that create the Refugees and Goyim Diaspora.
We would all be better off to build a big wall around this bunch and keep them where they belong, in their own delusional 100% GOYIM FREE world.
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