Blacks In Israel Under Sustained Violent Attacks

Blacks In Israel Under Sustained Violent Attacks

By wmw_admin on June 5, 2012

Atlanta Black Star – June 5, 2012

Four African migrants have been hurt in a suspected arson attack on their home in Jerusalem, Israeli police say.

The fire was started at the entrance to the two-story building on Jaffa Street in the city center after 03:00 (00:00 GMT), trapping the 10 Eritreans inside.

Graffiti found at the scene read: “We want the foreigners out.”

There is increasing argument and dissent in Israel over what to do with the 60,000 Africans who have entered the country illegally in recent years.

On Sunday, a new law came into force allowing immigration authorities to detain illegal migrants for up to three years.

‘Targeted specifically’

The four Eritreans injured in Monday’s attack were taken to hospital with burns on their hands and suffering from smoke inhalation.

Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told the BBC’s Focus on Africa program: “We believe that those individuals from the African foreign community were targeted specifically.”

He said the building had graffiti sprayed on its walls saying: “We want the foreigners out.”

In recent weeks there have been violent scenes in Israeli towns and cities where many migrants live and work, reports the BBC’s Wyre Davies in Jerusalem.

In south Tel Aviv, in particular, African-run businesses have been attacked and many migrants have been abused in the streets, our correspondent adds.

“This was the first incident which has taken place… on a level of a specific attack,” Mr Rosenfeld said.

The police spokesman said that of the 60,000 illegal immigrants living in Israel, an estimated 35,000 of them lived in the Tel Aviv area and about 5,000 in Jerusalem.


In a newspaper interview on Friday, Interior Minister Eli Yishai referred to African migrants as a demographic threat who could “end the Zionist dream”.

“We don’t need to import more problems from Africa,” Mr Yishai, leader of the religious Shas party, told Maariv.

“Most of those people arriving here are Muslims who think the country doesn’t belong to us, the white man.”

One politician from the governing Likud Party recently compared asylum seekers to “a cancer.”

While such language has been deplored by human rights groups, politicians from right-wing parties in the governing coalition say something has to be done about illegal immigrants who are mainly from Sudan, South Sudan and Eritrea, our correspondent says.

They blame the migrants for a rise in crime and say they could eventually undermine Israel’s Jewish majority.

The Israeli government also dismisses claims that the migrants, who cross the Sinai desert at the rate of 2,000 a month, are fleeing persecution in their own countries.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently described African migrants as “infiltrators” who had come here for economic reasons and who were a problem that had to be “solved”.

The new law will allow immigration authorities to detain illegal migrants for up to three years, without trial or deportation.

An interior ministry spokesman said it would hopefully stem the flow of Africans entering Israel illegally across the vast desert border with Egypt.



This is actually a good example of the Zionist agenda (aka supremacism and hypocrisy)

Israel has a policy that any “Jew” from any country is granted Israeli citizenship. BTW: Jew is generally defined as one’s MOTHER was Jewish or had Jewish blood.

More bizarre is a higher class of Jews..”Cohen”/Priest  class..that do not permit marriage  with other Jews unless their bloodline can be proven to be 100% pure hundreds of year back.

Several years ago, some Black African Jews wanted to immigrate to Israel. (apparently they had been Jews for a long time in Africa).

Regardless..the SHTF on this issue and lot of controversy aka Israel did not want these Black Jews . Clearly Israel is a racist supremacist state.

You can GOOGLE stories of how Priests, Nuns and other clergy in Israel are SPIT ON by Jews…very common occurrence.

You thought these Faux Chosen  upheld equality…..weren’t they leaders in Civil Rights….. Women’s Liberation etc.?

Oh..they were” leaders”…but of the controlled opposition. Gloria Steinem was an admitted CIA Agent. They lead the charge for expanded immigration, but not to help the immigrants, but to dilute the existing citizens political base . Multi -culturalism can often ghetto-ize people.

Here in Richmond, I make no apologies for repeatedly stating that our mostly Caucasian Politicians cater to the Asian and South Asian votes….PERIOD….any other group is not worth their ass- kissing time.

Women’s Liberation? ….its goal was to destroy the family unit…children more vulnerable to state run schools..if they weren’t aborted first….or if Mothers found out too late the pickings for spouses was slim(works both ways with men). People may deny this or think that is sexist…it is not…it is a sad but true fact. Research it. Wedges have been planted and continually pounded.

Civil rights?…simply to stir up racial conflict….to have at least one side eternally feeling oppressed and ripped off by another group.

In the US it is “Blacks versus the Whites”…but few Blacks seem to realize who the main Slave Trades were(ie Jews)…and that they, the Blacks  are the prime targets of Planned Parenthood..aka genocide via abortion.

On and on goes the Kosher Supremacy Hypocrisy List, as the Zionist Jews fear exactly what they have historically manipulated onto us…what goes around comes around.

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