City of Richmond will consider alternative to RCMP

City of Richmond will consider alternative to RCMP

Mayor stands firm in light of unanswered questions

By Alan Campbell, Richmond News May 31, 2012

Richmond will not be bullied into signing a 20-year RCMP contract that’s littered with question marks.

Mayor Malcolm Brodie was reacting to remarks made by Attorney General Shirley Bond, who warned the city that not signing the contract would break the law and cost Richmond taxpayers money.

Brodie, however, fired back, saying that the city is still waiting on Bond’s ministry to answer key questions and that signing the contract would also cost taxpayers lots of cash.

The mayor’s continued holding pattern on the contract — as well as that of the city and district of North Vancouver, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Burnaby — came after the deadline to sign the deal was extended yet again, even though Richmond didn’t ask for an extension.

“They just volunteered the extension, we didn’t ask for it. They changed it to April and then May, now June. And it’s ‘this time, we really mean it,’ that we’re being told,” said Brodie.

“An agreement should be something we agree on; we’re not even close on that.

“I hear Shirley Bond telling us that if we don’t sign it, there’s going to be extra costs for the taxpayer. But if we do sign it there’s going to be extra costs. We’re caught in a very difficult position.”

Brodie said the city has been voicing the same concerns over RCMP cost control — wages, pensions, integrated forces and who is to pay for the new provincial RCMP HQ in Surrey — for several years with no response.

“We’ve had no response from the province, that’s where these questions go,” said Brodie.

“We’re asking for a meeting with Shirley Bond because we’ve been asking these questions for years.”

Ultimately, it’s the people of Richmond that will end up having to pay, added Brodie, who said the city is now starting to seriously look at an alternative policing model.

“Up until now, the focus has been on trying to get answers about the contract,” he said.

“We will now look at the alternatives and see what we come up with.

“In terms of alternatives, my preference would be for some sort of regional arrangement (with the other cities which haven’t signed.”

Brodie warned, however, that the city would probably need more than the two years offered by the federal government to remain with the RCMP while an alternative police force is put in place.

“My concern is for the people of Richmond and I’m going to do what is best for them,” Brodie said of the political pressure being applied by both Bond and Premier Christy Clark this week for the rebel cities to sign the deal.

“I’m motivated by what’s best for (Richmond people). The province will be motivated by what’s best for the province.”

And there’s a document that needs to be drafted, Brodie added, that’s going to interpret the contract if there’s a dispute.

“How can we sign a 20-year deal without that in place,” he said.

“I still have a real concern with a 20-year term. There’s a review every five years but our involvement in that is minimal.”

Bond did not respond to questions from the News by press time.




City of Richmond is  a  very dysfunctional Local Gov’t at the very best of times.

DEMOCRACY does NOT exist in Richmond…it is basically a Cult/Clique based in Steveston…lots of Council lipstick on posteriors of STEVESTON residents.

This posturing is exactly that…….posturing……..given this Council’s “Blank – Cheque” mentality.

IMHO…I extrapolate this item as a concern that the RCMP “20 year”(WTF ??????????????????) “gun- to -the- head ” deal will crimp City of Richmond’s MAFIA….aka Council and Bureaucrats EGOS re: “The LIFESTYLE they have been accustomed to“.

Given the “Queens’s Cowboys” apparently have “carte’ blanche” to sexually harrass co- workers ( an UNofficial fringe benefit courtesy of the taxpayers ?!?)……….AND the  UNofficial  permit to royally fuck- up murder investigations(Pickton etc etc.)……Taser Polish tourists….. ……AND have certifiable membership of the “Olde Boys Club’……Local Gov’t ,etc. etc. etc. etc. etc….. via signing a contract with this rogue “Queen’s Cowboys” psychopaths……may find their own political whoring asses– in -a -sling.

PS: I always enjoyed the “Cage Match”……winner takes all… see how desperate the “caged entities” get fighting for survival ……. how much (inevitable)backstabbing occurs….while the audience……in this case the Taxpaying Public …….sits back and sees TRUE JUSTICE unfold..delayed?!?…..but NEVER  E-V-E-R denied !!!!!.

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