War Criminal Tony Blair(Ex British P.M.) Confronted At Leveson

War Criminal Tony Blair Confronted At Leveson

By wmw_admin on May 30, 2012

Keelan Balderson – Eyeswideshut.com May 28, 2012

Tony Blair: the man who helped bomb the Balkans in to a refugee crisis in the 90s, followed the US in to an occupation of Afghanistan despite no evidence of Bin Laden’s involvement in 9/11 in 2001, led Britain in to a war with Iraq based on false evidence of Saddam’s WMD capabilities, and who is promoting the same propaganda against Iran today, has once again been confronted for being the war criminal that he is.

David Lawley-Wakelin a University Film lecturer and seasoned protester somehow managed to sneak in to the ongoing Leveson inquiry earlier today and shout down Blair, who was sharing information about his relationship with Rupert Murdoch.

Tony Blair (Ex British Prime Minister) is a War Criminal


49 year old Wakelin was filmed yelling: “JP Morgan paid [Blair] off for the Iraq war…he held up the Iraq bank for $20bn and was then paid $6m every year…this man is a war criminal!”

Student Liam Dunne told WideShut his teacher was “very smart” for not losing his cool and trying to “throw anything at Blair, or assault him in anyway,” but that “it is a utter shame that the allegations that David brought up will not be investigated at all.”

Indeed instead of taking the claims seriously, Lord Leveson and the mainstream media (who were complicit in the lead-up to all of Blair’s crimes) have decided to focus on how Wakelin managed to gain access to the private corridor into courtroom 73. Leveson poured apologies on to Blair for not providing him a “safe and secure environment”, although one might wonder how many Iraqis wished their dead family members were provided with the same.

The allegations that David made are not far from the truth. While the intention of JP Morgan chiefs prior to the invasion of Iraq will never be clear (most likely to make money); Blair does in fact earn around £2m a year as an adviser to the mega-bank [1], and it is plain as day to anyone that Blair has cashed in on the geopolitical chessboard he helped to create.

As reported by The Times in 2009 [2]:

“Tony Blair has been cashing in on his contacts from the Iraq conflict and his role as Middle East peace envoy for a private business venture expected to earn him more than £5m a year. The former prime minister has sold his political and economic expertise to two countries, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, via his fledgling private consultancy. He also represents the investment bank JP Morgan in the region. Blair has been … amassing a fortune from the American lecture circuit. By offering himself to the Arab states as a statesman for hire, he could comfortably double his annual earnings. His consultancy, the London-based Tony Blair Associates (TBA), emulates the New York partnership Kissinger Associates, which was founded by Henry Kissinger, the former national security adviser to President Nixon.”

It has also emerged that Blair had carried out secret deals worth up to £20million with a South Korean oil firm with extensive interests in Iraq, and with the Kuwaiti royal family, who are thought to have paid him £1million to write a report [3].

It’s quite clear whose side the facts are on. But in a empire that only prosecutes their enemies for war crimes, it’s not surprising that Wakelin has been arrested and Blair laughs all the way to the bank.

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” Hi: ……….I wish to run for office ……so that I can work hard representing my constituents and make this a better world “

Well…… that “Dollar Store” sincerity usually lasts till about the time the election is over and winner announced.

Basically,  your average politician ( with a few exceptions ) is useless twit enamored by power at minimum….and often someone who couldn’t hold a REAL Job, ………….but has proven to be a spiritually malleable entity that will prostitute just about anything for the Elite so as to make MILLIONS of DOLLAR$$$$$ after they retire from public office.

I recall , after Canadian P.M. Brian Mulroney left office, he worked for a major Gold Mining company.The Owner said that Mulroney new every 3rd world dictator on a “first name” basis.


So..they lie to us….get elected, and we the taxpayers ultimately pay to embellish their post political resume’.

Most of these traitorous/treacherous   $cumbag$  enter politics in the “middle class”…… but exit  as  MILLIONARE$

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