One B-I-G happy ” inbred family”…?!?

One B-I-G happy “inbred family”…?!?
I was listening to Ms. Spingolas show yesterday and the guest brought up a very interesting point.
A caller had made a comment about the George Washington being  related to the Queen at the time and other  US politicians.
Ms. Spingola was about to dismiss it (aka she usually wants verification before she accepts things…which is good)…….but her guest said NO, the caller is correct.
He said, and via the Mormon genealogy research etc. , ALL the U.S .Presidents and their Opponents for Presidential elections are in fact, related .  ALL of them share a bloodline…… from George Washington right up to Obama and everyone in between.
I will check this out, but I have no reason to doubt this, as this guest is an awesome reseacher.
……So much for anyone can grow up to be President ?
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