Syrian diplomats expelled over Houla killings

Syrian diplomats expelled over Houla killings

By wmw_admin on May 30, 2012

Introduction – May 30, 2012

Syrian diplomats have been expelled from a string of Western countries in response to the Houla massacre. France and Australia have now joined the U.S., Canada, Italy, Spain and Britain in throwing out Syrian diplomats in protest.
The expulsions are ongoing despite no hard evidence to support charges of Syrian government involvement in the outrage beyond ‘rebel’ claims.
The Syrian government of President Assad has categorically denied involvement.
What is more notable however, is that all those countries that have just expelled Syrian diplomats – the U.S., France, Australia, Britain, Spain, Italy and Canada – were all active participants in the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.
Most were also involved to some degree in the overthrow of Libya’s President Gaddafi. 
The fact that they are now acting in unison over the Houla outrage raises suspicions of a coordinated strategy to isolate Syria; just as they did previously against Iraq and Libya before intervening militarily.
Are they moving toward a similar endgame with Syria?

Syrian diplomats expelled over Houla killings

Angus MacSwain – Reuters May 29, 2012

France and Australia threw out Syrian diplomats from their capitals on Tuesday and other countries were due to follow suit as revulsion over the killing of more than 100 civilians in a Syrian town spurred them to act against President Bashar al-Assad.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius called Assad a murderer and Australia’s Bob Carr said those responsible for the massacre at Houla would be held to account.

“Bashar al-Assad is the murderer of his people. He must relinquish power. The sooner the better,” Fabius said in an interview with French daily Le Monde.

French President Francois Hollande told reporters Syria’s ambassador in Paris was being expelled. He said the decision was not unilateral but taken in consultation with France’s partners.

Diplomatic sources in several countries told Reuters other governments would take similar action — a development which would mark a new phase in the international effort to halt the repression of a 14-month-old uprising against Assad and force him to relinquish power.

The immediate catalyst for the expulsions appeared to be the massacre on Friday, including women and children, in Houla, although the international community is increasingly frustrated at the failure of a U.N.-brokered peace plan to end the bloodshed in Syria.

Syrian officials denied any army role in the massacre, one of the worst since the uprising against Assad.

Australia announced the expulsion of two Syrian diplomats including the chief of mission, Jawdat Alai, on Tuesday and gave them 72 hours to leave the country.

“The Syrian charge has again been advised to convey a clear message to Damascus that Australians are appalled by this massacre and we will pursue a unified international response to hold those responsible to account,” Foreign Minister Carr said.

“This massacre of more than 100 men, women and children in Houla was a hideous and brutal crime.”

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan also condemned the killings and said there was a limit to the world’s patience.

“To carry out this kind of murder…while the United Nations observer mission is carrying out its mission in Syria is torture, it is wretched,” Erdogan said.

“There is also a limit to patience, and I believe that, God willing, there is also a limit to the patience in the U.N. Security Council,” Erdogan told a meeting of his ruling AK Party.



I’m a bitch, ….You’re a bitch …WE are ALL bitches …..of Israel (…..or at least our Gov’ts are ).

If you have followed this story, it has all the markings of a ” False Flag Operation” .

aka The accused are NOT the perpetrators , the accusers are the REAL perpetrators.

I highly doubt a country like Syria that is already under a “hair-trigger” attack mode  would even think about giving Israel and its bitches any excuse to invade.


This massacre occurred last Friday….5 days ago. Any such event requiries proper investigation…which can take months…years…….UNLESS, of course,  it is a False Flag operation.

Notorious with False Flag operations is expeditious Judge ,Jury and Execution all packaged very quickly(usually after months of pre- planning).

( Recall 9-11…how quickly they determined it was Arab terrorists lead by Osama Bin Laden,….within a few days…… when on the opinion of many experts who have diligently researched the issue the evidence overwhelmingly points to Israel ).

False Flag operations want you to believe their story, via the “First Impression” tactic. We are supposed to think..”Oh…if Gov’t says this is what happened,….. it MUST be true..!!!  ……why would they lie unless they knew it was true ? “

So,  in this case,  the impression is that Syria is an “evil dictatorship” that will kill innocent women and children . It needs “Democracy” , thus the only way to achieve this is through war (?)….thus invade the country and change the Gov’t who is to blame and deemed guilty(within 5 days of propaganda trial) of the accusations.


What is more notable however, is that all those countries that have just expelled Syrian diplomats – the U.S., France, Australia, Britain, Spain, Italy and Canada – were all active participants in the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

As noted before, no Gov’t can engage in a war unless it gets its own citizens on side. They learned this from Vietnam. Otherwise their own citizens will protest and create problems within their own country.

Thus, the False Flag is, ironically,  appealing to We, the Citizens , emotions, our sense of justice decency and humanity..aka how DARE anyone kill innocent women and children !!!!!. The guilty party has been “identified” ASAP , …….thus the public is on side with the Judge and Jury  aka Gov’ts (aka we are all being played for fools and suckers.)

The expelling of Syrian diplomats is adding more fuel to the fire….it is a strategic /symbolic move. It is meant to further convince the public that the  Syrian Gov’t is “guilty”. ..the all -important demonization process.

Again, the event happened 5 days ago..the dust is barely settling. This seems like a TV “CSI” episode where the case is wrapped up in an hour ?!?.

What is being set in motion is an invasion of Syria……. duly note the countries   U.S.(lead Israel bitch), France, Australia, Britain, Spain, Italy and Canada. who have expelled Syrian diplomats.

This implies they are all preparing to join forces and then gang up and attack Syria after having made up an excuse to do so.  Also note these so -called modern civilized (?) countries will gang up on a country that has never EVER  attacked them.  However, given many of their own economies have tanked or are tanking( much of it due ironically and coincidentally to the Faux Chosen Banksters who worship Israel )……. war is a great distraction when the SHTF in ones own sold -out country.

As recent history has shown, you invade, promise your own  citizens it will be a short yet constructive stay…BUT it usually ends up around 5-10 years …send our youth over to fight for Israeli interests….many come home in body bags…and/or crippled physically ,  emotionally,etc. ……..BILLIONS of tax dollars are spent all to fight boogeyman….and for what ?  To be chewed up and spit out?….a few medals ?and an “honour guard” burial ?…not to mention being used as a guinea pigs for various vaccines and other injections with Lord knows WHAT is in them?

Victory ? = Nothing….except what goes around comes around.

What ultimately happens is that Israel and its allied bitches place a Puppet Gov’t in to fill the “Democratic void”, keep the “newly liberated” people oppressed, and simply skim to fat off the liberated  country……in this case OIL and other resources…………and install another global  branch of the Rothschild usury banking system.

Then…….Onward to the next Country…ie IRAN

As the dominos fall (eventually China as well) we will all be the Goyim slaves and subject to the Noahide  “off with your heads” Laws.

FYI Noahide Laws forbid “Worship of Idols”…they consider Christians as “Idol Worshippers”…

PS Don’t you feel proud of your own patriotic Gov’t ?…..(err “Israel’s franchised Local Bitch”) .

Ain’t life grand ….and the future looking Oh So Bright ???

Hey……..who turned OFF  the lights ????????


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