Who was Bernard Baruch? Bernard Barcuh’s Role in the Tragedies of the 20th Century *** EXCELLENT INTERVIEW******

Who was Bernard Baruch?

Bernard Baruch’s Role in the Tragedies of the 20th Century*** EXCELLENT INTERVIEW******

NOTE: From a Blog re: the “Faux Chosen”

One of the Jewish bankers who had control over President Wilson was Bernard Baruch.

Dick Eastman did a ton of research into Bernard Baruch and really tied together lots of pieces of history (ww1, ww2, Wilson, FDR, Eisenhower, great depression, etc). His research is presented in the excellent audio below:

Who was Bernard Baruch?

This is the Jeff Rense broadcast of Feb 21 2007. Jeff interviews conspiracy exposer Dick Eastman on the power of Bernard Baruch over the careers and decisions of Woodrow Wilson, Churchill, Roosevelt, Eisenhower and his hand in both world wars, and great depression, the New Deal economy and the Cold War.

An understanding of Baruch’s power and influence in the 20th Century is to know the influence of Jewish money power in every age.

90 pages of referenced quotations supporting statements made in this broadcast can be read here: http://www.rense.com/rewer.htm

Eastman on Baruch:

To understand the history of the U.S. in the 20th Century (or the 21st) one must first learn of the pervasive controlling influence of Bernard Baruch during both World Wars, the Great Depression, and the onset of the Cold War, the arms race.

Both Eisenhower and Churchill were his assets. His men controlled the Roosevelt administration while FDR was kept a (poisoned) invalid at Baruch’s Hobcow Plantation. (Woodrow Wilson was also kept incapacitated through Baruch’s agent Dr. Greyson and Wilson’s second wife, who Greyson introduced to Wilson.)

The Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations are just continuations of Baruch’s system of controlling the U.S. for the Rothschild Interests.



Bernard Baruch is one of, if not THE  KEY Puppet Masters of the 19th and 20th Century.

The Faux Chosen are rarely if ever front men…..they hide in the shadows and manipulate from the backrooms.

After listening to this interview, http://rense.gsradio.net:8080/rense/special/rense_D_Eastman_022107.mp3    your world will be turned inside out and upside down.

Don’t believe this?…simply GOOGLE his name…..He and his ilk are probably in the darkest deepest pit of HELL as we speak.

This interview simply coalesces and consolidates much of what is already known and/or available to those who dare to seek the truth.

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