David Icke, The Lizards and The J*ws [full documentary]

David Icke, The Lizards and The J*ws [full documentary]




I am aware of David Icke and his views……I have read some of his work and seen a few videos of him lecturing .

He is a “conspiracy theorist” (Illuminati, New Wolrd Order, Globalists etc.)with a few odd twists.

He is intriguing in many ways, but I didn’t really follow him  much.

However this video (link above) was posted on another blog and  I just finished watching it.

It took me a while to realize most of this documentary was shot in VANCOUVER , B.C.

However, after viewing it, I have a lot more  respect for Mr. Icke.

Mr Icke has a theory about reptilian shape shifting…..which I won’t get into.


However, one of the parties suggested that the “Lizard people”  Icke discusses and lectures on  is a coded word for “Jews”.

Icke  outright denied it… and one would think that is the end of it.

Not quite:

The Anti- Defamation League (ADL) which is  basically an organization that claims to fight “Anti- Semitism” and Racism etc….didn’t believe Icke.

At approx. 20:20…..it gets very interesting. It shifts to Vancouver,BC  where Icke is going to go on a book tour and to be interviewed by the media.

The “Thin Skin” Faux Chosen bunch and their groupies have their minds made up, without any evidence, that Icke is anti – Jewish,…. and are plotting to undermine his right to Free Speech.

This is what I find VERY  V-E-R-Y  DISTURBING.

This documentary is fairly neutral as both sides of this issue are interviewed.

Mr Icke gets bounced out of Chapters Bookstore (BTW: Owned by Faux Chosen) after they had previously agreed to allow Mr. Icke to appear.

The AM 1040 also  reneges on an interview.

Then we see a scene where the Human Rights fascist types (redundant) cheer that Icke has been bounced from ( 4 ) events previously scheduled, then they meet to “tar and feather” him further  and plot to undermine his next public event(Good Ole BC Hospitality ….eh?)

The people you see in the room trying to undermine Icke are the DANGERS..the TUMOURS..the SCUMBAGS..aka the New Bolsheviks.  These little shits are the ones that end up as Commie -Socialists with Gov’t Jobs, Elected Officials…. or on the Gov’t teat aka tax $$$ with their shallow agendas. It is typical to see idealisitic(naive) youth involved who don’t have a frikkin clue about the real world…but we all hope and pray they GROW UP and have their heads out of the asses before it is too late.(Marx and Leni would call them Useful Idiots).

One  of my favourite parts is the “Little Old Lady” , usual voice of reason ….near the very end …..who basically says let him (David Icke) make a fool of himself if that’s his aim. Obviously, there are many intelligent people who have become fans of Icke and wished to hear him speak. aka let the Masses judge..not a minority bunch of fascist wacko censoring “thought police”.

As one can see Icke triumphs ..free speech triumphed…via the crowd at the VOGUE theater. The Faux Chosen and their fellow fascists cult members  had their ASS handed to them on a platter and IMHO failed miserably. aka they got exactly what they deserved.

That stupid $%#@ ???? punk  near the end did the typical rant of labelling the audience “White Wealthy Lizard Beleivers”…….gee how can $%#@ ????  punk tell any of the aforementioned( other than  being white ?)


These types are OUR enemies….not your allies…they have their own agenda  and wish to manipulate us to very dubious future on their terms.

Regardless……This give me  HOPE that we have a lot of HOPE.

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