Planned Parenthood celebrates ‘National Masturbation Month’

Planned Parenthood celebrates ‘National Masturbation Month’

by Kathleen Gilbert

An originator of Planned Parenthood's holiday.

An originator of Planned Parenthood’s holiday.

May 21, 2012 ( – A Florida Planned Parenthood affiliate has taken the opportunity of “National Masturbation Month” to highlight the national organization’s promotion of masturbation as part of a “a common and safe kind of sex play” with “many health benefits.”

On Friday, Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida tweeted, “Happy Masturbation Month! We’ve got lots of info on masturbation here,” providing a link to Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s page on masturbation.

There, Planned Parenthood states that “there are many harmful myths about masturbation that may cause us to feel uncomfortable about it. These myths can cause guilt, shame, and fear. Let’s get the facts straight. Masturbation is a natural and common activity for both women and men.”

“National Masturbation Month” was first announced in 1995 by the San Francisco-based sex-toy shop Good Vibrations. The month-long celebration includes the annual “Masturbate-a-Thon” to raise funds for sex education. Individuals participate in competitions, either by webcam or in person, based on “longest duration spent masturbating and most orgasms.”

Jim Sedlak of Stop Planned Parenthood (STOPP), a project of the American Life League, said that endorsing the “gateway drug” of masturbation was of a piece with Planned Parenthood’s ideology on sex education.

“Planned Parenthood is an organization that makes its money from people involved in sex,” Sedlak told in an email. “Although Planned Parenthood pushes masturbation for all, it particularly targets young people with the message. It is a way to get these young kids involved in a sexual lifestyle.”

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Sedlak said that youths buy the idea of masturbation as “risk-free” sex but end up “hooked on sexual stimulation as a way to escape their problems.” Especially alarming is how masturbation at an early age has been shown to interfere with a child’s ability to develop compassion and to learn—effects seen in children who regularly masturbate as young as six years old.

The parenting section of Planned Parenthood’s website tells parents to encourage elementary-age children to experiment with masturbation.

“Kids begin to want additional sexual experiences, and Planned Parenthood is there to sell them products and to make millions from them,” said Sedlak.


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After about( 5 )seconds or less of snickering…..Its time to see the “striptease” of the “wolves in sheeps clothing “.
As adults and parents, the majority of us went through “puberty”…mental, physical and spiritual puberty.
Whose the Messenger ? :
What are PLANNED  PARENTHOOD’S Roots? Eugenics….population control especially towards Blacks.
Over time, they have subtely and insidiously present themselves as some sort of Liberation Front on the basis of sex, which IMHO  is more of  a personal thing, and society survived for thousands of years before Planned Parenthood.
Their early victims were young adults and teenagers, and their message was to separate sex from creating babies. Sex was put on an altar, a basic human right and if their were any problems the consequences were like a disease that could be cured.
Knowing that promoting sex would have a high probability of a disease called conception, Planned Parenthood became the Wal Mart to cover all bases, promoting sex and also providing abortion clinics.
However, one must keep UP with the times and move forward with more progress…….OR in fact strip   another layer of wolves in sheep clothing OFF ?
It seem they want to now find a new clientele demographic, elementary school children, who generally have not reached puberty. Now they want to promote “Masturbation”….to children in Grade One?
Duly note “children” are the the ones the one’s that survived the abortion promotion gauntlet.
Planned Parenthood next group of “clients” errr “victims is to sexualize children in order to make them less resistant and more attractive to pedophiles “Chicken Hawks”…NAMBLA…all sort of freaks and weirdos etc.  I have read too much on this topic to thus agree with this conclusion. They will have the backing of Big Brother…via legislation…. and again undermine the Parents role in the family.In other words, expect classes on masturbation …(you don’t want screwed up kids do you…???shame !!!)
They would love nothing better than to encourage all sorts of “experimentation”  and “alternative lifestyles”, and more friction between the sexes, by catering to the “lowest common denominator” is usually the best divide and conquer strategy.
At the rate this is going, I predict , in my lifetime that people will be able to marry their pets….multi spouse marriages, etc. etc.   I really can’t think that anything historically sacred will be immune.
Maybe  that is their aim…..
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