Are there things that cell towers can do other than communicate with cell phones?

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Bunk Hound:Are there things that cell towers can do other than communicate with cell phones?

I’m naive about the technology behind cell phone communications, but I’ve always felt uneasy looking at any cell tower up close and noticing how fat the cables are, and how many of them there are, and how many panels there are up on top of the tower. If it’s symmetric 2-way communication, why can the teeny weeny antenna powered by the teeny weeny battery in my hand reach the tower, but the tower needs mega-amps pumping through mega-antennas to talk back?

admin (Jim Stone)

That’s IT!!

That’s the answer – the cell towers are the haarp array.


that’s a pretty good theory. I bet you are right. Super-dipoles in super-array for better fine tuning.


You bet. Many people do not realize it, but America has the highest priced cell phone service in the world, and not by a small margin, it’s flat outrageous. Could your cell phone bill really be getting used to fund a destructive system?

Consider this – Bunk hound is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. If your tiny 300 milliwatt transmitter can reach a tower, then that tower technically should only need 300 milliwatts to reach back. For stability you would put an absolutely superb receiver in the cell tower so that 300 milliwatts will actually work every time, but why on earth would you need more than 100 watts to reach back to even a very poor receiver?

When I was a kid, I would listen to a radio station on my walkman in bed at night until they shut down for the evening, and upon shutting down they announced their wattage of 300 watts. They were 30 miles away and came in clear.

Cell towers are spaced a LOT closer than that! Usually there will be one within two miles. Why would you need cabling on those towers that appears to be able to pump hundreds of thousands of watts?

Bunk hound nailed it, and did not know he nailed it.

It is true – the cables going to the cell towers are tens of thousands of times overkill, and the antennas are ridiculous. There is no way on earth they are plausible at all. Haarp does indeed seem to be the only logical explanation. Often those towers have a dedicated power station below them. Perhaps the system is set up so that the technicians who work on them don’t realize what they are.

The elite have a policy of making their victims pay for their own destruction. And we just might be doing exactly that, through ridiculously over priced cell phone service.




Intriguing if this is true….

DO Cell phone towers act as a “TROJAN HORSE” for other agendas ?

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