Mount Everest? Buy the Ticket ?(**** WARNING*** Very Graphic)

Mount Everest? Buy the Ticket ?(**** WARNING*** Very Graphic)


There is a lot of weird stuff on the Internet, and normally I wouldn’t publish this sort of thing.

However, I came across this item a few hours ago, and then saw on the evening News a story about Canadian Climbers on Mount Everest, and how many people have died this year trying to conquer it.

I always thought that most of those that perished in the challenge were recovered.

Apparently not….


$40,000 buys you possibly eternal preservation, and definitely the ability not to give a f*ck when you see a person with broken legs at 26,000ft.

One of the human Popsicles on the left is the Indian climber known as “Green Boots”. He’s been chillin in that spot since 1996. Bodies are more or less landmarks on everest and are referred to as such, and this guy greats you on the way to the summit.

George Mallory famously fell off the mountain in 1924 and stayed in the same spot until 1999, when some oxygen deprived pickpocket chipped his ass out of the snow and “made sure it was Mallory”.

Francys Arsentiev was begging for help after her husband fell down a crevice and died, when the picture above was taken. She was left for dead with him. She ran into trouble and her husband returned, only to die in the process of helping her. Nine years later, the people seen in this image returned and gave her a burial (guilt trip much?), wrapping her in a American flag and placing her in the hole next to her husband. For nine years her body remained attached to a ropeline for all the climbers to pass, and she was dubbed ‘Sleeping Beauty’.

Another woman Hannelore Schmatz died in 1979. Reportedly her body leaned against her pack and her eyes were open while her hair blew in the wind. Two Nepalese men died in 1984 trying to retrieve her, probably planning on thawing her out for the lulz. It is said that eventually her body blew over the side of the mountain.

Over 200 people have died on that mountain, and not many bodies return. It’s understandable from a logistical perspective, but when you have 40 people pass a guy dying in a cave, you have to wonder what people are thinking when they see someone trapped up there, is it worth the risk taking them down and blowing a $40,000 attempt at the summit or should we just keep going and focus on getting to the top of the world.

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