Madam Justice Lori Douglas: Underneath Her Robe

We’ve been covering the salacious tale of Madam Justice A. Lori Douglas, a Canadian judge, for several months now. Justice Douglas — associate chief justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench of Manitoba, and a member of the Canadian Judicial Council — is currently the subject of an ethics investigation. As mentioned earlier, “naked photographs of [Justice Douglas] engaging in bondage, playing with sex toys and performing oral sex were previously posted on the internet.”

Our stories on Justice Douglas, collected here, have been quite popular. They have generated strong traffic. But some readers had the predictable reaction of TTIWWOP — “This Thread Is Worthless Without Pictures.”

Well, now we have the pictures….


We’ve posted selected photographs of Lori Douglas in the pages that follow. Since many of you access this site at work, we have redacted the pictures to remove any nudity — as redacted, they don’t show any body parts that you couldn’t see in a day at the beach, or in the pages of a mainstream Hollywood gossip magazine.

Some of you might object to our running these photographs. We have several responses:

1. These photographs are newsworthy and relate to a matter of legitimate public concern. Although she’s not currently hearing cases, pending the conclusion of the ethics investigation, Justice Douglas remains a judge, a position of power and prominence. In evaluating the seriousness of the ethics complaint against Justice Douglas, it is important to see exactly what is at issue.

This is why even U.S. Supreme Court justices have had to sully their eyes with pornography over the years, in order to decide obscenity cases. As Justice Potter Stewart famously wrote, “I know it when I see it” — but he had to “see it” first.

2. These nude pictures are already widely available on the internet. We have not placed on the web anything that wasn’t already there. If you find the presence of these images on the web to be objectionable, then direct your objections to whoever placed them on the web in the first instance (quite possibly Justice Douglas’s husband, lawyer Jack King, according to one version of events).

3. Many mainstream websites, such as Gawker and Deadspin, post naked pics in unredacted form. We have at least made tasteful redactions.

4. To each his own. Maybe nude photographs of a middle-aged, slightly overweight judge from Canada aren’t your cup of tea. That’s fine. But don’t complain about other people finding their bliss.

If you don’t want to look at these pictures — which, as noted, feature a woman “engaging in bondage, playing with sex toys and performing oral sex” — then STOP READING NOW. Nobody is tying you to your Aeron chair and forcing you to ogle these images. To be taken to the official Hasbro homepage for My Little Pony, click here.

And now, for those of you who are willing, let’s move on to the photos. At the end of the slideshow, we’ll provide you with instructions on how to access unredacted versions of these images, in case you’re interested.

UPDATE: In an exercise of discretion, we have decided to replace the photographs themselves with verbal descriptions of the pictures.

NOTE: Click on LINK if you can’t access the numbers above
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