Later Today: A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Documentary

Later Today: A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Documentary

Last Nite, I watched a documentary on the AIDS  and HIV epidemic (Via YOUTUBE).
I am still reflecting on it, but I HIGHLY  RECOMMEND you watch it (approx 90 Minutes ). I usually  post such videos later in the day , when people are usually in for the evening and can take the time to watch it.
I can recall when the AIDS issue came out, late 1970’s, and there was a lot of fear in society..this great mystery killer was out there and not much was known about it. The Documentary was produced by a person who was born in 1980 when the issue was ramping- up public attention.
I found ever minute of this documentary quite riveting.I cannot believe how much research was put into this video, but it is very viewer friendly and very objective, with many sides of the argument presented..aka it is not slanted to frame a view.
Personally, the AIDS/HIV  issue never made sense to me, so much conflicting views ,theories , one was left with little if any concrete facts and evidence.
Now I see why.
Again will post the Link to the video later.
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