Lesbian Couple Charged With Staging Hate Crime

Lesbian Couple Charged With Staging Hate Crime

By wmw_admin on May 20, 2012

Alyssa Newcomb – ABC News May 19, 2012


A lesbian couple who claimed they were victims of a hate crime have been arrested after police determined they staged the incidents.

On Oct. 28, Aimee Whitchurch, 37, and Christel Conklin, 29, called police and reported the words “Kill the Gay” were scrawled in red spray paint on the garage door of their Parker, Colo., home.

The next day, the couple told deputies they found a noose hanging on the handle of their front door.

The women told officers they believed the incidents were retaliation from their neighbors and homeowner’s association, who had complained the couple did not pick up after their dogs.

Due to the nature of the crimes, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office worked in tandem with the FBI to investigate. After reviewing witness statements, authorities determined Whitchurch and Conklin had staged the incidents.

Both women are charged with criminal mischief and false reporting. Whitchurch faces an additional charge of forgery.

She told ABC’s Denver affiliate KMGH-TV police were mistaken and vowed to fight the charges.

“This is a fight I started. This is a fight I’m going to finish. This is a fight I’m right on,” she said. “I have every right to live where I want to live.”




I discussed False Flag operations a while back. These tend to be situations to bait a war, ie the ” victims” are the actual perpetrators.

So an enemy is created where none really existed.

This serves the perpetrators agenda. This would be sympathy for a “cause”. History is littered with this.

In the Hate Crime category, the situation is no different, or perhaps worse.

Hate Crime legislation is very subjective, as I noted in an earlier post. One can make charges based on ” Hurt Feelings” , not real objective evidence. People can be be ruined on simply allegations as they are put through a legal meat grinder.

Unfortunately, members of allegedly victimized marginalized minority groups WILL resort to tactics that their is a hate Agenda out to get them.

Yes, there are some terrible cases of parties who are the true victims of bigots and assholes.

There is a case in the US where a Jewish Girl claimed she was the victim of a a hate Crime as Swastikas were painted on her door by “someone”. She was a student, living on campus, and the security cameras caught the perpetrator..IT WAS H-E-R !!!!

People like this serve no purpose other than to create fear and hate, and create many innocent victims more bias and prejudice and worse, our stupid politicians create even MORE draconian laws to further erode OUR rights, and play into the hands of these faux victims.

These are the TRUE HATE MONGERS, and should be punished appropriately

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