What is Israel ? (the shorter answer).

What is Israel ? (the shorter answer).
Israel is a BASE, located in a very strategic part of the world.
It is located on Stolen and Occupied Palestinian Land.
It is a unique BASE, because it created its own “Country” on this occupied land.
Thus it is a “sovereign nation”, and can do whatever the hell it wants within its borders (many of which are truly disgusting ).
This is the KEY.
Those Faux Chosen who fool the Goyim(Non Jews), especially Christian Goyim they are God’s Chosen people from biblical times, and claim that Israel was stolen by Palestinians. 
No , these Faux Chosen are descended from the Khazar Nation, from Easter Europe, who adopted the Judaism over 1000 years ago.
They are not the Chosen, and have no claim whatsoever to Israel. Many submit that many of the Palestinians are descended from the Biblical Jews, and many converted to Islam and Christianity.
Their belief system, in the Talmud,  is that Goyim(99.9% of the worlds population) are cattle, to serve Jews as their slaves. The Talmud , in essence, states that their is literally nothing that can be done to the Goyim that is illegal, even murder.
These Faux Chosen do not assimilate into their host country or culture. They stay tightly knit, and have been booted out of numerous countries over time, for parasitical reasons I explained earlier.
It is said that Rothschilds, the King of the Jews, wanted Israel to be created, so that the latest diaspora of Jews after WW2 would NOT relocate in Europe, or home base of England.
However, Britain, on the verge of losing to Germany in WW1, had a deal offered to them by the Zionists that they would get the US into the war to help Britain win the war IF  England would give the Zionist the British Colony of Palestine(Balfour Declaration). Britain had no right to give it away and the Zionists had no claim to it as noted earlier.
Then the Zionist worked on blackmailing US President Woodrow Wilson into bring the US into what became WW1, even though Germany , poised for victory, wanted to negotiate peace.
Think about that when you look in your family history and see ancestors who died (Remembrance Day) or had their lives impacted by this Evil Zionist BULLSHIT. They detest PEACE..(they lust for revolution) ….it is bad for business.
Many criminals can escape global justice by going to Israel. There was one Jewish War Criminal that was never brought to justice, Israel would not extradite him.
Remember the dancing Israelis arrested when 9/11 happened? They were held by the authorities, then “dual citizen”  …..U.S. homeland “Jewish “security czar Michael Chertoff let them go back to Israel aka ” the BASE”.
These Faux Chosen have infiltrated the US beyond repair, and simply have the US on a leash to act as the muscle take over much of the Middle East….Israel aka OCCUPIED PALESTINE has eyes to extend its borders literally up to China. However, they will set up  the US as their global pitbull attack dog, fully on the Zionist leash….
Politicians are more and more exposed by their allegiances in this matter….It shows how stupid ,corruptible, treacherous, treasonous etc.they are in expressing loyalty to what many well informed parties now call ” ISRAHELL” .
There is NO SUCH THING as “Judeo Christian”..that is Zio- propoganda. The Jews HATE Christ…..read the Talmud. Oil and water do not mix.
The Bolshevik Revolution should be more aptly named “Zionist Jewrys WAR on Christians”, who they have always felt was their biggest threat to their agenda to take over the world. Now they have their sights set on Muslim and Islam…and using Goyim as their sacrificial robots to achieve this…..are  we seeing the picture more clearly ?
When you see what Israel is doing to the Palestinians, YOU put yourself in THEIR shoes…remember it could be US soon…we are all cattle to them, and it may only be a matter of time.
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