“The Yeast Syndrome” : Alternative Medicine

“The Yeast Syndrome”: Alternative Medicine
MONDAY, MAY 14, 2012
MP3 Files: Hour 1, Hour 2
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Guest: Dr. John Trowbridge

Dr. John Trowbridge, author of The Yeast Syndrome, talked about some of the symptoms of a yeast invasion.

Four patients, Tiffany Nelson, Gary Robin, Carrie Branum and Mike Pogson joined him to talk about the help that Dr. Trowbridge gave them. www.healthCHOICESnow.com
I  used to think alternative or homeopathic medicine was “quackery”  ….borderline “voodoo and witchcraft”….
However, that old prejudice based on propoganda is quickly exiting my psyche.
My epiphany is increasingly based on what the evidence clearly suggests is the usurption of medicine by perhaps the true quacks….lead by Mother Goose of Big Pharma
I am not on MD….but I do wish to provide access to other “diagnoses of what may REALLY ail yea”.
Dr. Trowbridge states what I have heard before….. that Medial Students get a few hours of training re: nutrition, but far more training re: Drugs.
His premise is the MDs treat symptoms, never really do the proper forensic detective work for the “cause”. In this interview he states even Specialists have tunnel vision.
His view is that there is a basic biological triangle in life…their are (i) Plant…(ii)Animals( ie including US)…and (iii) Fungi Kingdom.
Our digestive system, and entire body… needs to have the proper balance, but our modern diets often counteract and interfere with the crucial natural balance, leading to various ailments. 
He has interesting discussion on the thyroid system and also has current patients on during  the interview. They had tried modern medicine to seek relief for their ailments, were frustrated,but seem to have found their saviour in  Dr. Trowbridge’s approach.
Dr. Trowbridge is NOT a “Big Pharma pill pusher”, but a party who is fully prepared to do the heavy lifting to work out a long term plan and strategy for his patients
Worth the investment in time to listen to this interview.
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