Ottawa hosts sex exhibit for students

Ottawa hosts sex exhibit for students

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OTTAWA — The capital is known for its museums of culture, agriculture and war — now Canadians can add an exhibit that provides teens advice on anal sex to the list of Ottawa’s attractions.

The Museum of Science and Technology is hosting Sex: A Tell-All Exhibition, opening Thursday.

Initially aimed at children 12 and up, organizers quickly boosted the admission age to 16 after some parents were aghast at the graphic displays.

“It very quickly became apparent to myself and my wife that this was revolting,” parent Patrick Meagher told QMI Agency. “They were encouraging kids to have multiple partners, have anal sex, and the words they used were inappropriate. This felt like a sexual agenda being pushed.”

The exhibit includes floor-to-ceiling photos of nude toddlers, children, teens and adults, and an array of heated, flavoured and textured condoms rolled over wooden dildos. There’s also a ‘climax room’ with a round, low, leather bed, red curtains, a video screen showing animations of aroused genitals, and the voice of a man describing an orgasm.

Next to close-up photos of adult genitals are video screens using animations to explain masturbation.

Attendees are asked to write their own words for penis and vagina on a digital screen, and slang-terms like c— and pussy for female genitalia and c— for male body parts, are displayed above it in large letters.

There are listening stations with pre-written questions and push button audio answers.

Next to a printed question asking, ‘Why do many boys always want to have anal sex?’ sexologist Jamy Ryan responds that not all boys want to do it, but: “If you are comfortable trying that activity, go ahead and do it. It could be fun for you, but if you are not, you don’t really have to do it.”

Next to a question about pregnancy, the recording assures listeners that abortions are available at medical clinics and at 14 years old, you don’t need to tell your parents.

The Montreal Science Centre hatched the exhibition with the help of sexologists. They also inked a classroom guide so teachers can conduct quiz games with students after field trips to see the sights.



This is not “Education”….it is Indoctrination, Temptation,  Desensitization and Dehumanization.PERIOD !

aka ” Get em while they are young “.

Those of us that look into the Elite and their methodology to control us always see PORN as a crucial weapon in their arsenal . The aim is not to create a free society, unleashed from puritanical oppression, but to create enslavement, addiction and dysfunctional society. Men don’t trust Women …..Women don’t trust Men ….for long term relationships….simply as “objects”.

The Elite know this keeps the birth rate down  as they have stated that the worlds population should be reduced by 90%.

Of course, abortion are simply clients for the health care system..not to mention psychologists and psychiatrists etc…the whole industry built up on spiritual rot.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing, promoting hidden agendas  that really have no place in a civilized society. All this does is make one wonder what is next up on the slippery slope.

Lets just call a spade a spade..this is simply trying to legitimize child porn in society…truly disgusting.

These people are sick sick sick !

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