Wireless Networks a Major Health Risk

From Mona Nilsson, plus the machine translation correction:
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Wireless Networks a Major Health Risk

To argue as the Swedish Radiation Protection authority that the levels are so low from the wireless network that they do not affect human health, is to ignore the facts. This was written by Roger Carlstrom, Police commander in Southern Sweden in a reply to Adam Lagerqvist, NT debate, 5/5.

My name is Roger Carlstrom. I am 47 years old and am an external officer at the police in southern Sweden. I’ll tell you about my experience with wireless networks.

In 2007, the police received a new controversial mobile radio communication system called Tetra. When it was introduced, despite opposition the health risks were not investigated properly, it had already existed for years in England. There, police officers received severe health problems, including sleep problems, skin rashes, cancer.

After only about a month’s use of  Tetra , I had rashes on the face, which was diagnosed as the skin disease rosacea. I also had severe sleep problems. I could be awake for two days. Some weeks I only slept a total of ten hours, divided in small portions. When I had many days off or were on vacation, sleep came back pretty quickly and the rash disappeared almost completely. But when I started working again the old symptoms returned immediately.

My managers saw the connection between exposure to radio system and my rash, and they made sure that I had to start an office service without Tetra exposure. My rashes and sleep problems disappeared immediately.

But when I had a temporary  job at a police station in Malmo, the skin rash returned. Next to my work place was the county communications center, where all radio traffic to and from police cars headed. There were also a number of cordless DECT phones. I had to go back to my old service. The rash disappeared promptly.

But during the fall of 2011 the rash flared up again. I began to investigate what could be the cause. Adjacent to the police premises had a training activity, just started up in the former premises that stood empty. The training was conducted through computers with wireless networks. The radiation from a router reached slightly into my room. With a laptop, I measured the signal strength and I could move  into the room where the contact was lost. The problems disappeared immediately.

But then in December 2011, I became very ill and was hospitalized. A large tumor in my brain was taken away. I know that both the tumor as the skin rash was caused by radiation from Tetra and wireless networks. For those who are not aware of the technical details, I can tell you that the radiation from the police radio system, a wireless network or a cordless phone are similar and is equally dangerous. Therefore, my advice is not to install wireless networks, whether at home, in schools or at workplaces. Use fixed cable connected internet connections. You will have a more stable and faster connection.

To argue as the Swedish Radiation Protection authority that the levels are so low from the wireless network that they do not affect human health, is to ignore the facts. Already, both students and teachers experience severe symptoms at schools where education is carried out through wireless networks and computers / ipads with. In addition, the studies the authorities  refer to are only made to see immediate effects, not damage at the long term, or biological damage. The Council of Europe recommend in Resolution 1815 not to use wireless data networks in schools because of health risks.

ROGER CARLSTRÖM Police Commander, Police in Southern Skåne

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