Crimes of the Canadian Banking System! We are bankrupt for no reason!

Crimes of the Canadian Banking System! We are bankrupt for no reason!

(Submitted to me. MY COMMENTS In Blue )
Hello Everyone!

I know, banking is actually boring for most. But when you realize we should all be debt free or at least a whole lot better off than we all are, you may change your mind.

This video is explained in laymans terms so don’t worry about that banking jargon that is only there to confuse us all so we don’t ask the questions we should be. You will now.

This may very well be the most important news you will read, well watch, this year. Maybe ever. This is corruption from the top tier of government, and has been going on just long enough to make us bankrupt. If you watch this, and then still believe you are getting the “news” from your favourite news show, please let me know and I will no longer send you any of my “news”…no problem, just let me know, we’re all allowed our opinions.

However, before you say you trust the news you’re getting, please answer these questions; why can a guy who has a full time job come up with more important, perhaps the most important news of the year after working a full day? What are the reporters doing with their time? Are they allowed to report this? My guess….they are not.

I hope you all take at least 6 minutes to watch just a little of this 25 minute video. After 6 minutes, you will be intrigued enough (pissed off enough), to watch the rest, and the picture gets clearer as it moves along.
COMMENT:  The media was long ago bought and paid for. Its TRUE  role was to promote certain agendas…and to censor others that are  Inconvenient truths. We did not know any better, because we had no options. Now we do, ie Internet…and the TRUTH is bursting forth, literally exploding.
People can read Non MainStreamMedia aka Alternative Media and go down several rabbit holes….many of which corroborate each other , depending on the given topic.
It is well documented by an ex high school teacher from BC and he explains how we are bankrupt as we owe more interest on our national debt than we make each year as a country (GDP), AND that the interest we’ve paid as a nation over the decades past have been paid for NO REASON!!!
We are without a doubt being manipulated by the government into paying these outrageous interest payments to the nations private banks, when the law clearly states the government should be printing the money…..INTEREST FREE…..WE SHOULD BE DEBT FREE AS A COUNTRY……NOT BANKRUPT!!!!
Anyone who can prove this gentleman’s information wrong, please email me as soon as possible so I can inform the rest I’ve emailed today, of my mistake (and his).
But if there is no mistake here, and I doubt there is as I’ve read lots on this, doesn’t this just about make you want to scream!?!
We cannot sit in our easy chairs when crap like this is happening everyday of the year, this is robbing us of our futures, as it has robbed us of all the schools, hospitals, roads, social programs, etc etc that could have easily been paid for AND we could all be debt free and being paid a whole lot more as OUR TAXES COULD BE CLOSE TO NOTHING!!!
I’ve seen the video before and will view it again. It is exposing the cancer of the usury system. The Bible advises against it. It is a simply a control and enslavement  mechanism. Once the US adopted the Federal Reserve “usury based system” in 1913, the US was technically bankrupt within 20 years. The Banksters created the Depression via currency manipulation etc., then baited TWO World Wars to keep people occupied and create even bigger profits.
I am not aware of ANY  Country that is in debt via this usury system that has EVER paid it off….once the compounding starts it is unbelievable how fast debt is created and grows. The Banks know this….this is how they ultimately control the Gov’t and thus the people . The Banks don’t care about Gov’t debt…..they aren’t losing anything real,  especially via the fractional reserve system.
I posted a while back that a group in Canada did an FOI and UNcovered that the Canadian Gov’t has bailed out the Banks to the tune of over $100 BILLION a few years ago, when times were still good? What’s going to happen NOW when the economy goes flussshhhhh? Is this just the beginning?
Debt via usury is a scam,  it is made out of thin air, made out of nothing. The usury system is used because politicians are too stupid and/or lazy and/or corrupt.
The next time you wonder why we can’t pay the nurses and doctors more, so they move to the US to get way better pay, or the teachers, or why the roads aren’t fixed or plowed in the winter, or your closest emergency hospital room has been moved 100 klms away such as in Princeton BC and others, remember this video….this IS why!
We all know the government wastes money, but this is taking it to THEE HIGHEST LEVEL!
Yes….I’m upset, to say the least……but I’m already working on the problem, I’m spreading the word!
Ideas on how to go about changing this quickly anyone?
Have a great day, and let’s get informed!
PS: to the government employees I’ve sent this to, I do not believe you are a part of this corruption, it comes from the top. However, as a Canadian citizen you have the same obligation to hold the responsible parties accountable for not correcting this problem, same as we all do.  This goes ditto to all media I’ve sent to. 
COMMENT: Yes and No…..Keep in mind these parties ALL work for us….WE pay their salaries, perks and pensions as we can afford it.  If we can’t afford it , sorry, they become a luxury and we bring out the sharp pencil….which will first be used to pop the balloon of “entitlement “. Many of them DO know what is going on….but would not whistleblow and thus clearly shown where their loyalty and allegiance is. Regardless, the same rope will hang us ALL if it is not eliminated.
To The Georgia Straight in Vancouver, keep up your awesome reporting, one of the few papers being true and real. To Kamloops this week, thanks for your fair reporting on smart meters, hoping this story will make front page soon.     m
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