Delta council approves pay raise for mayor, councillors

Delta council approves pay raise for mayor, councillors

By Jessica Kerr, The Delta Optimist May 15, 2012 9:53 AM
Delta council Monday night voted in favour of pay raises for Mayor Lois Jackson and councilors.

Delta council Monday night voted in favour of pay raises for Mayor Lois Jackson and councilors.

Photograph by: Delta Optimist , File photo

Civic politicians voted to give themselves a raise Monday night.

The increase will bring the mayor’s salary to $110,653, up from $103,932, for a six per cent hike. The salary for the six councilors will jump by eight per cent to $47,564 from $44,048. The taxable vehicle allowance has also been raised by $200.

All raises are effective Jan. 1, 2012.

The last council raise came in 2010.

“We have provided provision for this amount in the five-year financial plan,” said Karl Preuss, Delta’s director of finance.

Historically, the salaries for Delta’s civic politicians have been based on the average in four Lower Mainland municipalities with similar populations – Coquitlam, Richmond, Township of Langley and District of North Vancouver.

The current remuneration rate had fallen below that average, so the raise was proposed and debated at a recent in-camera meeting before being brought forward for formal approval at Monday night’s meeting.

Coun. Scott Hamilton asked that the in-camera debate and discussion be made public. In order for that to happen, council will have to approve a motion to do so at the next in-camera meeting.

A report from staff noted Delta is the largest municipality in the province that continues to employ a mayor and six councillors.

“It is normal practice for municipalities with a population of over 50,000 to employ eight councillors,” said the report from Sean McGill, Delta’s director of human resources and corporate planning. “Employing the lesser number of council members in Delta translates into additional workload per individual as work items such as council committees need to be distributed amongst fewer members.”

The report states the municipality has about 300 official meetings and other events every year.



Delta, British Columbia

Population (2011)  • Total 99,863 (Ranked 51st)
Richmond has a population of over 190,000
If not mistaken Mayor salary is just over $100,000 and the Councillors salary is approx. $50,000
Now, I am NOT making the point that Richmond Council “deserves” a raise.  
I simply wish to expose an age- old game these overpaid puppets play.
Its a version of leapfrog. One Local Gov’t sets the pace with salaries ( for both Bureaucrats and Elected Politicians.) Then ,every few years, some supposedly neutral body goes on some fact- finding mission to see if there is equity in the salaries.
They”ll use some pro-rata comparison with a pool of “comparable” cities.
Long story short, they will ALWAYS recommend a raise and I have never heard of a Council voting  a recommended pay raise down.
Then the other Local Gov’ts take their turn , will do a review in the near future, make the same conclusions, and salaries are forever ratcheted UP .Simply repeat.
It would be amusing if it wasn’t so pathetic.
At $50,000 year for Council, that is approx $1000 per week……. and $2000 week for Mayor.
That is pretty good coin for what is SUPPOSED to be a Part/Time job for Councillors , and one that should fit the framework of VOLUNTEERING to benefit the community, not noses in the trough.
Are these parties worth $ 50,000/year?
Short and sweet answer?  = NO  !!!!
This is clearly becoming a career …………as in Career Politician…….the absolute WORST Frankenstein that exists.
We need fresh blood, not these useless puppetts.
First thing is to limit the salary , I would cut it in half. That’ll weed out the career politicians.
Next is to limit terms….say (3 )terms maximum.
Finally NO CIVIL SERVANTS on Council retired or otherwise.
Richmond Council currently has (4) on Council .
No Bullshit……that is a conflict of interest…… PERIOD,….double dipping .
What results, via the aforementioned points, is a very incestuous political relationship  whereby the “Elected Council” and the Staff morph into a co-joined entity and it is THEM versus US (the 99.9%).
Finally, as I pointed out in a  previous post, I did a review last year of approx 300 Staff recommendations and COUNCIL did not DENY one…..and the vast majority were passed UNanimously by Council . If you seriously think these Council actually reads these Staff Reports and recommendation and understand them….I have your choice of bridges to sell ya.
The point is…we are all being deceived and lied to. STAFF run the show. You see, they on Council run, get elected and try to fool you they know what is going on and they understand every line of every report
Reality….THEY DON”T HAVE A F*CKING CLUE……it is all a mirage and a hoax on the taxpayer. The MORE you pay them….the WORSE it gets……..inverse proportionality. Council can get away with this quite easily, because they restrict debate by the Public and few challenge them, ad the majority of citizens don’t get involved.
If I ran and was elected, I would be THE biggest Shit disturber you ever saw…..I know how the process works and would HUMILIATE them in a heartbeat and force them to clean up their act.
All you need is ONE Non PUPPET…….to keep the rest in line.
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