Again…gone far too early, far too young.

Again…gone far too early,….. far too young.
A couple of mornings ago, my spouse asks if I heard about the car accident in Richmond.
I said no….
She said that (2) people were killed.
Then more details emerged, that they were teenagers and the driver survived.
That’s when ones “skin starts to crawl”. Teenagers implies a major peer group ones own children are part of.
It can be amazingly interconnected, whether it be sports, facebook, etc.etc..
Then our own teenagers tell us they knew the victims.They were nice kids who went to the same school.
My elder son started to cry.
We don’t know the details, but it happened late at night I believe 3 am.
That is exactly when BAD things happen. People get reckless and get careless.Few people are out that late, which makes it appear like you own the world and can do anything, even worse is feel immortal
That’s why curfews are a lifesaver.
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