SMART METER: Letter to the Editor ” Government ignores WHO “

Government ignores WHO

Richmond News May 11, 2012 8:15 AM
The Editor,

Re: “Fact vs. fiction in smart meter debate,” Letters, May 4.

Lest anyone be confused, remember that Linda Reid works for the Liberals, just like Rich Coleman and the provincial medical officer.

When she says the smart meters have been deemed safe by Health Canada and the World Health Organization (WHO) she is misspeaking.

In May 2011, the WHO classified the microwave radiation from wireless devices like smart meters as a 2b carcinogen. There are many thousands of studies showing that health effects from prolonged exposure (like living with smart meters) range from headaches to neurological problems, DNA damage and cancer.

BC Hydro and the government are doing the public a grave injustice by telling them this radiation is safe. It is not.

The industry is saying it’s safe so it can make more money selling devices that are just as dangerous as lead, DDT and mercury.

Dr. Perry Kendall, our provincial medical officer, will say that coffee and pickles are also 2b carcinogens. True. Too much coffee has been linked to bladder cancer. And an Asian pickling agent has been linked to cancer.

Ask, why is Dr. Kendall saying this, but not mentioning the other toxic substances? The government is trying to diminish the WHO decision and mislead us into complacency.

When the system is fully functional, the meters will be emitting strong signals, between twice a second and once every eight seconds – virtually constantly.

As for security, everyone knows that wireless technology cannot be secure.

Ask what BC Hydro is doing that the banks, government agencies and software companies aren’t doing, which results in their systems being hacked every day.

CIA and FBI experts are warning that our data is not secure, and, in fact, the entire wireless grid is at risk.

Corix and Hydro are brow beating, intimidating and bullying people who are refusing, but there are tens of thousands standing firm, saying we demand that our civil rights to a safe, secure home be respected.

No smart meter.

Sharon Noble Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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