My Gas Meter was switched today……..

My Gas Meter was switched today

This morning, a Fortis Technician knocked on my door .

This was the previously made appointment to replace the existing gas meter. Canadian Gov’t regulations require Meters  be replaced at certain intervals ( the Fortis Tech says approx. every 15 years )

I verified with him that it is NOT a Smart Meter system, good old – fashioned  ANALOG.

I observed it and instead of dials, it has wheels with numbers that physically move and record useage. no digital recording at all.

I wanted to follow up this more, so I sent this e- mail (below) to FORTIS

To Fortis:
I had my Gas Meter replaced to day…excellent service.
My main question is more of a technical nature for purposes of personal information.
The replacement gas meter appears to be an analog design, with the readings recorded via physical “spin of numbers ”  to record useage.
Also the technician who replaced it  verified this, as upon my inquiry as to whether it was a Smart Meter (where readings are sent via RF and EMF signals) he stated NO.
My question would be  as to why Fortis has chosen to stay with this  this Analog Meter system as opposed to a  Smart Meter based system to record natural gas useage?
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