Newspaper readership collapsing as people turn to alternative news for truthful reporting

Newspaper readership collapsing as people turn to alternative news for truthful reporting

By wmw_admin on March 27, 2012

Ethan A. Huff – Natural News March 25, 2012

Traditional, mainstream print news appears to be on the brink of collapse as more and more people turn to independent, primarily online news sources for information. A recent report from Financial Times explains how, from almost every angle, print newspapers are taking a major hit, not only with declines in readership, but also in flailing advertising revenues.

Last year, the Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism put out its The State of the News Media 2011 report which found that more Americans now get their news from online sources rather than from print sources (

 And even though traditional newspapers are increasingly making the migration online, they are still losing $7 in print ads for every dollar in online ads they gain.

News outlets that began online rather than in print seem to be faring just fine, on the other hand, as their advertising and other revenue sources were natively designed for the online environment to begin with. But for traditional mainstream news outlets that began in print, many of which are now owned by corporate conglomerates, the situation is dire.

The controlled media is being exposed as a fraud on every front

However, it is not simply that print is becoming “out of style” so much as it is that print news is largely controlled news, which an increasing number of Americans are growing to distrust. More than half of all Americans, in fact, have indicated that they do not trust the mainstream media to report fair, accurate, and balanced news, which is why many of them have turned to alternative news sources like NaturalNews and InfoWars for independent, full-disclosure coverage of current events (

“The media has essentially rendered itself irrelevant in the minds and the opinions of a large majority of Americans,” said Don Debar, a political activist, to Press TV in a recent interview. “I am talking about the American media from CNN to FOX [News] and even including some of the so-called progressive media, like Democracy Now and Pacific Radio, where people do not look to them anymore for authoritative information (

Try as they might to gain back the monopoly on news they have lost to the independent media, both online and in print, the traditional print media will ultimately fail to maintain any sort of relevancy if it continues to censor the news as it has been for many years now. More Americans than ever are now awake to the shenanigans of the corporate controllers in major media, which means no amount of online savvy is going to make a difference in stopping the eventual collapse of the corporate news media, no matter how it re-brands itself.



For those more interested in ” The Truth” ……NON MainStreamMedia (Non- MSM)is taking over.

I sense a true HUNGER for the truth in society, not re-gurgitated propogandized garbage .

I see the desperation in our local media.

FOR EXAMPLE :We have a subscription to the Vancouver Province, but are also getting the Vancouver Sun for free as well. However, just the other day the National Post called and said we could get a (3) month free trial. It is clear they are desperate for subscribers to justify ad revenues.

IMHO, the MSM has cut its own throats. Many of us who are on-line can see the truth is covered up, and that these media whores do NOT have neutrality like their predecessors had, whereby any whiff of corruption was investigated by the media with due objective diligence and exposed.

That was an UNwritten rule in society, that the media had an almost religious duty to keep those in power honest by holding their feet to the fire.

The way I see it, these media whores are brown-nosing ass- kissers that lick the feet of the Elite till they can get a plum job as a PR flack for some Gov’t etc. corporation.

Thats why I and many others tune out.

“On Line”…. you will at least have UNcensored and a HUGE diversity of “no holds barred” vented spleens of various bloggers that are sick and tired of the BS.

This allows the General Public the opportunity to see other sides of a given issue and make up their OWN minds.

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