Jim Townsend – Political Prisoner (Part 2) Kamloops Regional Correctional Center

Prison Writings: Letter #2 to RadicalPress from Jim Townsend – Political Prisoner

Letter #2 from Jim Townsend to Radical Press

Kamloops Regional Correctional Center

March 11th, 2012

Dear Arthur,

It’s funny that one of the places they say I am to appeal the public misfeasance of the JP, Crown Prosecutor and Court Clerk is the Ombudsman’s office. That did not seem to work out too well for me in the first place. Odd that the Ombudsman said before he would accept my complaint I would have to see MHSD [Ministry of Housing and Social Development. Ed.] about it first. We tried to set up a hearing at MHSD with Pat’s [Pat Clemens. Ed.] Supervisor but it went unheard. Pat, on the other hand, never had to address the Ombudsman complaint. He simply had the cop he was colluding with lay charges. These are our servants?

One finds many pieces of the puzzle lying around. Henry Makow’s site for instance, www.savethemales.ca gives some interesting facts about the British Crown of Israel and their Jewish Oligarchs. Ever watch the Rev. Ted Pike’s videos on the Talmud? After thirty years of badgering his wife committed suicide last Christmas. The hidden evil attacks constantly and hisses satanically when such as you or I shine the bright white of day on it. Henry Makow is Jewish and he speaks openly of how Jews are used as scapegoats by the powers from BIS [Bank of International Settlements.Ed.] According to him they are not a minority at all but remain hidden as they did while they tore Germany apart from inside.

Have you seen the YouTube videos on Jewish militias operating in North America? I fear all those religions have been designed to operate hand in glove and we victims remain divided and conquered by BIS.

I’m up in the middle of night. This place constitutes cruel and unusual punishment for me. Most are merely detained but for someone as badly disabled as me it is a torture chamber. My arthritis leaves my hands feeling as if they are being crushed. I can’t have an extra mattress, pillow or blankets. It is tough but how do you complain when you can’t even get the forms for the BC or Canadian Human Rights Commission? It’s like complaining to the Attorney General when they are leading the attack in the first place. Ask Judith about the Attorney General. They helped seize my mining claim. I am playing into a stacked deck and they want 20 years and the maximum I could get is 40!

I am housed in maximum security with murderers and violent offenders. How do you defend yourself locked in a cell with access to the law library one hour a week? Not sure what that stuff is that passes for food and can’t afford the canteen. It costs three times as much as things do on the street for food from stores yet they buy it all in bulk. If I want mouthwash, Buckley’s, cough drops or noodles, Kraft Dinner, hot chocolate, etc., I need to pay for it. What the crown provides is bare minimal.

Now they have tossed a sick person that doesn’t wash into my cell with me. I’m desperately gargling with salt to try to keep it at bay but I can feel myself getting sick. The guy eats all over my court papers leaving crumbs on them and doesn’t wash; the table or himself. He wants to fight with me and screams at me if I say anything. It’s all I need to get put into the hole if I end up having to try to defend myself.

Phoney charges laid. No opportunity to make a full defense. Excess of jurisdiction. Vexatious and adversarial prosecution and many other errors in the prosecution as well as the inability to get the forms I need mean I am likely going to serve a long time. I watch people with serious drug and firearm violations make bail every day. They have the proceeds of drugs and crime to buy their way out. The two lawyers I have had have tried as hard as the crown to sink me. I have yet to be tried or convicted and yet have been under house arrest or incarcerated since early November 2011. Nearly three months in maximum security. Bit harsh for a man that is 55, disabled and has no criminal record.

My next two appearances are by video court. Haven’t got the details yet. There was no reason to incarcerate me. I was arrested when I showed up for court so they cannot say I didn’t show up although that is their claim and I think the reason they pulled the stunt of posting my first trial in the docket and telling me the Crown wasn’t proceeding. The judge that denied me bail said the charges were serious and I was going to do a long time so she ordered me incarcerated. In maximum security with no trial or conviction, it looks like the future is predictable.

My granddaughter was born the day after they arrested me when I showed up for court. She will be my daughter’s age by the time I get to hug her but I don’t think my punctured lungs and crushed heart are going to last that long. I will be 75 by then.

Freedom of Speech? I can’t even write a letter of complaint to the Ombudsman. So much for the right to petition government for redress. Fair trial? Locked in a cell trying to prepare with paper and pen? Not much more I can write before this is out of ink.

Jude is broke too and has no vehicle to get into town to even help me. She is dependent on catching a ride in and walking when she gets there. And yet she desperately tries to do what she can. Thirty three years we spent together and raised our children to adulthood while we couldn’t even work with CRA seizing our cheques and targeting us the whole time. All we ever wanted to do was honour their hidden ex parte court order and yet I am in jail for making a video about the federal government unlawfully seizing my cheque. Why was my Charter right to free speech suspended without trial in the first place? To stop me posting their criminal behaviour?

I do hope you can get the trial dates from Jude and pack the courts. They wanted $1200.00 for just one bail hearing transcript. At least with someone there people can see what goes on. Kind of late for me I guess but people should understand the nature of the beast that attacks them.

Trying to write this by the light of the tv. I hate food commercials. Guts are growling. Weekends are only two meals so you go from 4pm to 10 am the next day – 18 hours. They give you 3 extra slices of bread to make it through. No wonder there are so many fights in here.

Some people are pure ignorance. The guy they tossed in here is called Frenchy. In here for beating his wife. Gets up and turns on the tv and wakes me up then goes back to bed and tells me to turn down the sound. Can hardly hear it sitting in front of it cuz I turned it down when he went back to bed. Tells me he’s sick and can’t sleep because he takes methadone. Whatever that is it must make a person full tilt retarded. Guess I’ll finish this off and meditate the rest of the night. Hard to calm the mind while I grit my teeth. That’s another thing. Not allowed Jude’s herbal remedies in here. We have kept the pain from my broken teeth that I incurred during the tractor accident to a minimum with clove and myrrh oil. God damned things ache like a bastard and I have been told that they are going to take a round out of me if I don’t do something about it because I have bad breath as a result. All they do here is pull teeth though so I am likely to end up toothless on top of everything else. Ask Jude about the tooth debacle. After the accident they told me I had $30,000.00 worth of damage to my teeth and jaw but they were not going to fix it unless I did my income tax. We did our income tax and the ex-CRA employees estimated they owed us $28,000.00. But instead the disallowed the deductions and estimated we owed them $78,000.00. The Crown just turns everything around at their whim. Like my complaining about the RCMP publishing a defamatory libel, harassing us and trying to kill us. There were five points to our complaint against the police and now I have five charges against me for the same things after the RCMP criminals investigated themselves.

You may want to to call **** and ****. They can tell you what it was like growing up with the sword of Damocles hanging over our heads. Do you know **** or ****? Hoping I can contact them to get court paperwork. Funny how people you try to help abandon you when you are in need. Hate to bitch Arthur but I have always believed looking the other way just allows evil to reign unbridled. Don’t want you to think there is no hope only because I feel that way at the moment.

My head is aching and I am freezing in this chair. Thank everyone for their help Arthur.

Much love to you all,


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