BC Hydro Collection Antennas: LOCATIONS IN VARIOUS BC Cities

BC Hydro Collection Antennas: LOCATIONS IN VARIOUS BC Cities

( Submitted to me today )
The Coalition to Stop Smart Meters has researched the addresses at which BC Hydro has licensed their Smart Meters Collection Antennas. Please feel free to post on your blog. Note, however, that sometimes the actual antenna installed is on the stated street but at a different spot, possibly owing to reception/topography issues. Also, the installation is not all completed yet. I have seen these antennas mounted on poles right outside residential homes. These residents will be subject to elevated amount of microwave traffic 24/7, once the wireless grid is turned on.

Also, an interesting fact about Smart Meter was reported in Dr. Andrew Michrowski’s recent paper.
Read (Pg 2) of this paper saying that from info presented by PG&E during California smart meter hearing, only SIX pulses out of 10,000-190,000 pulses a day is for reading of the meter. The rest of the thousands of radiating pulsing signals are just for maintaining the wireless mesh!

Addresses / Maps of BC Hydro Collectors

scroll to the Bottom of each page to view map and Addresses ( from Industry Canada )

Links also available on Mesh Networks (Bottom of page)

VANCOUVER Collectors

BURNABY Collectors


DELTA / LADNER Collectors

LANGLEY Collectors

MAPLE RIDGE Collectors

MISSION Collectors

RICHMOND Collectors

SURREY Collectors

Tsawwassen Collectors

White Rock Collectors


More Cities to be Added soon!

QUENNEL ,  2 Collectors found at 7220 and 7550 with BC Hydro
VERNON, 4 Collectors found at 7345.00 to 8220.00 with BC Hydro
KAMLOOPS, BC   2 Collectors found at 7385 and 7690
VICTORIA   10  Collectors found at 1801 with BC Hydro
Main HUB at Pike Lake SubStation  10 KILOMETERS
SALT SPRING  3 Collectors found at   7315.00 and 7560.00  with BC Hydro
Main HUB on Bruce Peak Mountain
DUNCAN,  4  Collectors found at   7345  to   7700  with BC Hydro
Main HUB on Bruce Peak Mountain SALTSPRING  NOTE : 14 KILOMETERS
NANAIMO  26  Collectors found at   7170.00  to 8270.00  with BC Hydro

Gibsons, 2 Collectors
BOWEN ISLAND  18  Collectors found at   7170  to  8190  with BC Hydro
Main HUB Bowen Island SubStation
WHISTLER  4   Collectors found at   7375.00  to  8250.00  with BC Hydro
Main HUB Cheekye SubStation

Collectors NOT listed at the following cities ( and others not listed ) 
where there are Collectors being installed !  Thankyou

Comox, Sydney,  Port Alberni,  Sechlet,   Prince George,  Prince Rupert ,  
Hope,  Boston Bar,   Cache Creek,  Merritt,  Salmon Arm,  Osoyoos,  Penticton, Princeton,  Kelowna, Castlegar,
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