Freedom is not free ; Freemen are not equal, and Equal men are not free.

Freedom is not free;
Free men are not equal,
and Equal men are not free.
Richard Berkeley Cotten
Comment : A fascinating quote:
Question: How do Y-O-U interpret it ?
To me , it explains much of what THIS blog is trying to submit.
There are those who use all sorts of treachery and trickery to confuse Freedom, Freemen, and Equality.
Does, or should,  any single person or group of persons of any race, creed, religion etc, think of themselves  as superior to another race, creed, religion, etc ?
NO….Of course not.
So, why do we have so many problems in the world ?
As stated and implied many times, there are those parties amongst us that DO NOT wish to allow harmony and peaceful co-existence , because  harmony and peaceful co-existence SCREWS UP THEIR PSYCHOPATHIC PLANS .
History is littered  with the corpses of leaders,  individuals, nations  and cultures who wanted to live in peace, and in harmony with their neighbours , but this was something various Elites could not stand.
These Elites then pitted brother versus brother, ….sister versus sister, …..neighbour versus neighbour ,….in pursuit of the Elites agenda . The citizens bought the propoganda, and to this day still do believe the lies.
How can these Elites live with themselves knowing full well they literally created and manipulated wars killing millions of innocent people ? 
Simple, they are psycopaths. They have no conscience nor remorse . Power is their God.

Modern warfare has now evolved to the use of such technology as “drones”. which are remote -controlled robotic planes capable of sending images back to a central control station , and the HUMAN BEING can, at will “play God” on a video screen, and have this drone fire weapons to kill people.  In their minds, this is simply a video game, versus  at least being physically there and observing the fruits of the carnage.
For the Elites it is “Order out of Chaos”……ie create Chaos, then jump in and take control.
Freedom is not free;
Free men are not equal,
and Equal men are not free.
The price of true freedom is COSTLY, eternal vigilance, to keep the deceptive foxes and the hungry wolves out.
” Free Men are not equal ” = we are not robotic clones but unique individuals with unique backgrounds. ” Viva La difference “.
” Equal men are not free ” …… because the Big Brother Elite would try and fool us , homogenize us legally, spiritually emotionally etc. to the point of fearful tearful zombies. They want to strip out the differences so there are no roots, no pride, no history etc. etc. to fall back on…..
OR…..if the world is Ice Cream..”Neopolitan”..the Elites want to make it ONE FLAVOUR…. or “ELSE”.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the famous Russian “dissident” author,  was born around the time of the Bolshevik Revolution. He endured much hardship under the Soviet regime .

One comment he made, (and I will paraphrase) is re: a situation whereby the majority of the  population is intimidated by  a minority of  so – called authorities.

(Like me), he reflected on the reality of a small number of “guards /police” whose goal was to control/bully/intimidate a much larger number of citizens. Say….. 5 police/soldiers per 100 people.

Solzhenitsyn view was that millions of people were subjected to an (Elite ) system for decades, they had all their historical rights and privileges stripped away , millions murdered, since the Bolshevik Revolution  and still remained as millions of intimidated slaves  for decades.  Why accept this ?

Solzhenitsyn mused  that ,…. WHAT IF?….in say a given block in the City, ….the guards /police , when they went on duty to be part of the police state , (and oppress their fellow ciitzens), left home BUT never “sure” if they would ever return home………

In other words, IF a few brave parties were willing to risk it for the ‘GREATER GOOD”, and if some of their oppressors never made it back home ….the bullies would be demoralized and weakened. This is how the Elite work….intimidation because the masses act like SHEEP to the bullying minority….it is a historical fact.

It does not matter the given issue…if you have lied, screwed, cheated,  etc your way to the be” the authority” , or ” puppetmaster of the authority figures.” ..history shows you are now “the Elite” who have control of a huge herd of sheep.


We could all be at the similar sort of decision point very VERY soon if we do not open our eyes and analyze.

The  n-o-o-s-e  is  tightening as we speak.

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