Not So Smart Meters – Actions You Can Take to Protect Your Rights

Actions You Can Take to Protect Your Rights

Not So Smart Meters –
Actions You Can Take to Protect Your Rights

Join the Anti-Bullying Rallies
on February 29, 2012

Beware the Corix Creatures
who come out at night

100,000 signature is our goal –
Can you help?

How to Keep your Analogue Meter

1. Send the Letter of Non-Consent to BC Hydro & Corix by Registered Mail, and also by e-mail. Keep copies for legal reasons.

2. Post the Letter of Non-Consent, the No Trespassing Sign and the Private Property Notice on your front door and also on or beside your meter. Make sure they are signed and protected in a plastic sleeve.

3. Take a dated picture of the above for legal reasons. You may wish to consider that others have secured their meter.

4. If the installer attempts to force a smart meter onto your property, do everything you can to make a video or recording of any abusive actions or statements. Obtain full ID if possible, and license number of vehicle.

5. Advise the installer that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms fully applies on your private property, and advise them to leave immediately and do not return. (**Note – this flyer makes a great handout .) Immediately take the time to write down everything that happened including the date.

6. Tell your friends and family – share this information quickly!

When Hydro Tries to Bully You

1. If you want the smart meter removed or it was put on against your wishes, send the Removal Letter by registered mail and also by e-mail. Keep careful records for legal reasons.

2. If Hydro is trying to force you to meet with them, send the Refusal to Meet Letter by registered mail and also by e-mail. Keep careful records for legal reasons.

3. Advise Hydro that you wish to communicate only in writing for legal reasons. Let them know you are recording any and all conversations to protect your rights. Threats to cut off power are extortion. Demand these threats from Hydro be put in writing  for legal reasons.

4. Join the upcoming Anti-Bullying Demonstrations outside Hydro offices.

5. If you have health reasons or a medical condition requiring avoidance of pulsed microwave radiofrequency radiation to maintain your health, consider joining the Human Rights Action. Contact to learn more. Please put “Human Rights” as subject.

The Best Thing You Can Do Right Now…… it is vital to support the legal and human rights actions currently underway. Your support is urgently needed. The BC Liberals and Hydro are intent on removing our rights and forcing  the unacceptable into our lives and homes, even refusing to listen to the 32 Municipalities who have voted for a moratorium and/or choice to opt out.

Right now is the time to fight for our rights with all the legal support we can muster.  If you want to stop smart meters , please help us win by donating to the legal and human rights actions. The Coalition to Stop Smart meters and CST have joined forces to raise $50,000 for the legal efforts, and we are almost half way to our goal. Rest assured, every penny funds legal solutions.

You can donate easily via Paypal at the CST website at or mail a cheque to the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters, P.O. Box 28154, West Shore RPO, Victoria, BC, V9B 6K8. We thank everyone who has donated so far, and their actions have made possible the Complaint to BC Utilities and the Human Rights Action (see above). We continue to investigate different legal options and will launch more legal actions as funding allows.

The Petition – Keep It Growing!

We will present the CST Petition again (not a new one, continuation from previous) in the Legislature in March. Keep those signatures coming – make sure your friends and families make their mark and state their concerns! Our goal is to reach 100,000 signatures – I Love Democracy More Than Smart Meters!

People who haven’t signed already Can Sign Here

Best wishes from all the volunteers at CST. You asked us to help you stop those stupid meters, and we are doing that every day!

Una St.Clair
CST, Executive Director

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© 2012 Citizens for Safe Technology Society
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