The Problem with the Banking System: How Money is Made / Created

The Problem with the Banking System: How Money is Made / Created

Another  excellent video, from the UK.
This major  issue is laid out in very simple and basic terms. While the UK is the country cited, the basic premise is applicable to any country with a private Central Bank
One of many good points Mr Dyson lays out is a very important issue. Ie when the money supply is aimed at PRODUCTION.
In the video , it is shown that only 8% of banks loans are dedicated to business loans, the rest ( 92% )  is dedicated to speculative ventures laons , like Real Estate.  
One can see that not only is money made out of “Nothing”, and the multiplier effect once it is created, vast majority of the “money” now exists in cyberspace.
The Bankers game plans appears to have waived their magic wand, created Money, create a usury ( ie interest)  based system, and slowly but surely the inevitable compounding has reached levels that it is cerifiably UNpayable. Any Grade 7 math student could have figured that out, there is no Gov’t on Earth involved in this system that has,…. or will ever….. pay the national debt, its always been delayed onto the next generation. They try to confuse the issue with the word “deficit” which is a totally different entity.
So, in the final death throes of the global economy, the  banks simply tried one last stunt….they flooded the market with cash lent on speculation. 
As Mr Dyson states, making loans to a business is  a pain in the ass to a bank, BUT lending money into a speculative market and creating ” bubbles”  is more smart savvvy and profitable to the Banks?
It should be pretty clear the banks were trying to commit suicide…..almost….then at the brink demand bail outs. Again keep in mind Money is not real, it is produced out of n-o-t-h-i-n-g. Trading beads and trinkets  for furs is more ” asset” REAL than this current system.
If one delves into this issue further , and Non- usury, aka “interest free” money is produced by a Sovereign nations gov’t, and the Private banks are told to Fuck Off… are created , money is circulated ,unemployment can be sufficiently reduced, and the country is very prosperous. one simply has to wrap one’s mind around this concept.
As Mr Dyson states a large amount of taxes go straight back to the banks as interest payments, “rent” for money created out of NOTHING. Isn’t that the biggest scam one can imagine ?
This is why the Bankers have literally created wars against countries that realized this usury system is corrupt, and will undermine the Countries sovereignty. Unfortunately, our Gov’ts are addicted to this system . Ultimately, the Banks will grab control as countries ( like Greece ) fall , and their REAL assets plundered. It is a very clever tap dance by the Banksters  if one simply understands the game being played.
It is set up as a Win- Win for the Banks and the psychos that run them.and a Lose- Lose for the rest of us.
Once you understand this, ……… will UNblock your mind as to why History is mainly comprised of propoganda and outright lies aka BULLSHIT.
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