To : Vancouver Province columnist Michael Smyth ( Re: Smart Meters )

To : Michael Smyth

c/o Vancouver Province

It appears that your editors have given you the ” Smart Meters” issue to report on

When I read your columns, they seem to have this theme of information, news, then a defeatist attitude.

Black Press columnist Tom Fletcher wrote a very poorly researched column , and IMHO denigrating Smart Meter opponents..aka people who have sufficiently researched the issue and bluntly refuse Smart Meters. I can assure you he recieved a lot of e-mails criticizing his condescending attitude.

Have you , Mr Smyth not read the Clean Energy Act BILL 17 ?

BILL 17 — 2010


Part 5 — Energy Efficiency Measures and Greenhouse Gas Reductions   17  Smart meters

Here is Part 5 (below)

Smart meters

17  (1) In this section:

“private dwelling” means

(a) a structure that is occupied as a private residence, or

(b) if only part of a structure is occupied as a private residence, that part of the structure;

“smart grid” means the prescribed equipment;

“smart meter” means a meter that meets the prescribed requirements, and includes related components, equipment and metering and communication infrastructure that meet the prescribed requirements.

(2) Subject to subsection (3), the authority must install and put into operation smart meters and related equipment in accordance with and to the extent required by the regulations.

(3) The authority must complete all obligations imposed under subsection (2) by the end of the 2012 calendar year.

(4) The authority must establish a program to install and put into operation a smart grid in accordance with and to the extent required by the regulations.

(5) The authority may, by itself, or by its engineers, surveyors, agents, contractors, subcontractors or employees, enter on any land, other than a private dwelling, without the consent of the owner, for a purpose relating to the use, maintenance, safeguarding, installation, replacement, repair, inspection, calibration or reading of its meters, including smart meters, or of its smart grid.

(6) If a public utility, other than the authority, makes an application under the Utilities Commission Act in relation to smart meters, other advanced meters or a smart grid, the commission, in considering the application, must consider the government’s goal of having smart meters, other advanced meters and a smart grid in use with respect to customers other than those of the authority.

NOTE:  ” Smart Meter” also has a Non – Wireless aka  Wired Option

 NOwhere in the Act does it state it must be wireless.

ALSO: PART (5) – Section (5) 

……” other than a private dwelling……,”  Read this section several times over. and refer to ” private dwelling “definition above.

BC Hydro and its agents are TRESPASSING on people’s private  property and have no authority to install SMART METERS on any building  that is considered a Private Dwelling.

THUS: BC Hydro and its agents are in clear violation of the Act by installing SmartMeters on any Private Dwelling, it is not Implied Consent , it requires the owners’ consent . Thus our public utility is bullying its own customers/owners  in a “dare us”mode to do anything about it.

Why don’t you ask BC Hydro to verify many anecdotes re: parties who have had Smart Meters installed , demanded their removal and BC Hydro complied and brought back analog meters?

I have sent BC Hydro  notice on (2) occassions.

I have informed them of my ” schedule of fines “, which ramp up to $500 /day if a Smart Meter is installed.

Mr Smyth: Please convince me that you are not simply being a “spear catcher” agent of BC Hydro, and trying to make the “NO SMART METER” cause hopeless so more people wave the white flag.

It is not hopeless, far from it, this simply exposes the frauds and charlatans that would sell us out and concurrently do us harm. 

This is the good fight that will be fought , and it benefits you, your family,   your readers and everyone else.


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