Re : Democracy in General: Delta example ( Part II )

Re : Democracy in General: Delta example ( Part II )
In this letter(below) to Delta Mayor Lois Jackson, Mr. Hoover has approached the highest elected offical in the Local Gov’t ” Totem Pole” ( ie the Mayor) to discuss another issue that concerns the citizens….the Gateway Project.

Corporation of Delta

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Over the last few months’ presentations have been made to council by the Port

Corporation and A.P.E., the group opposing any expansion of the port. Now

council has had a presentation by the Gateway Program regarding their

proposed South Fraser Perimeter Road.

As you are all aware of the Hoover/Naas proposal there are several groups that

would like the opportunity to present council with their concerns regarding

Gateway’s design, and why they feel the Hoover/Naas proposal is better suited to

address their concerns in Delta.

We are requesting that Delta host an information session where these groups

could present their concerns and the Hoover/Naas proposal could be discussed.

We would also like to invite Delta’s M.P. and M.L.A.’s along with Delta’s

engineering and planning staff. We propose that a third party moderator be used

to keep discussions orderly and polite.

We propose to do this with a maximum of 2 representatives from each of the

undersigned groups, and we propose that it be done without any media or public


It is anticipated that a meeting with this much information will require 3 to 4 hours

to complete, with open dialogue and discussion.

We would like to arrange this meeting for before the end of May/06 and it could

be set for an evening or a Saturday, whatever date time allows the most


We respectively request your review of this proposal and would ask for an early

indication of your response so that we can begin preparations while dates, times

and locations are discussed.


G. Hoover

c.c.: Mr. John Cummins, M.P.

Mrs. Val Roddick, M.L.A.

Mr. Guy Gentner, M.L.A.

In many ways, I have a lot of sympathy for Delta residents, as they are being bombarded with numerous public etc. mega projects the Tsawassen High ( = Higher ) Voltage Overhead lines , the Roberts Bank Superport expansion….massive commercial and residential development on Tsawassen First Nations lands, the South  Fraser Perimeter Road ……..and all within a few short years.
If you read the letter dated 2006, it is very condescending and dismissive.
“…….a meeting with Council would be a fruitless exercise  “.
“……I must point out that Council would never consider holding a meeting with specific groups of residents while barring the media and the rest of the public. “
I am not aware of any protocol that makes it “illegal” or “unethical” to hold the type of meeting Mr Hoover requested. Perhaps there are very valid reasons to use the terms Mr.  Hoover suggested.
Even more importantly, there is nothing to stop a Local Gov’t to stand up for its own citizens and use several means in its own arsenal to stop ,if not force, changes, to the given Provincial initiatives.
As the Mayor, Ms. Jackson has an incredibly closed mind.
How does she know a meeting  would be ” fruitless” ?
It appears clear she is afraid of what may be presented at such a meeting, thus this is the most cowardly form of censorship…” self – induced ignorance “.
Even more incredible, the Meeting Mr Hoover suggested (and was denied) sounds exactly the same type that the Delta mayor suggested for the Southlands issue   ……a closed door meeting with X pre – selected attendees was held earlier this year.
It is NOT the role of Local Gov’ts to roll over and play dead when the other levels of Gov’t impact their jurisdiction. …unless their are backroom deals and compromises , but which don’t see the light of day, which again, often are NOT in the citizens best interests.
A strong stand by a Local Gov’t will send a S-T-R-O-N-G message to the higher Levels of Gov’t (ie Provincial and Federal ).
If they in Gov’t  cannot follow this, not comprehend this, time to resign, or get kicked out.
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