RE: SMART METERS ………a letter YOU can sign and send :

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ALERT: Reply to Hydro

Form reply letter to send to BC Hydro and its affiliates re Smart Metering Program. Referral to legal and other representatives working on your behalf.

Our Politicians have continually sold us out by allowing various private sector firms to force their agendas down our throats..( and no, I consider myself Right -of -Center politically). They must think we will roll over and constantly capitulate to their whims.

Why is this technology being forced down our throast when other jurisdictions have outright BANNED them, and  for a number of valid reasons?

Where is our useless/gutless Richmond Council ?

========================================================================== and

BC Hydro Smart Meter Specialist Department                                     Date:___________________

6911 Southpoint Drive,

Burnaby, B.C. V3N 4X8

Attention: Mr. David Cobb, Mr. Gary Murphy, Ms. Cindy Verschoor, BC Hydro, Corix Utilities and /or assignees thereof:

Dear Messrs. Cobb, Murphy, Ms. Verschoor, BC Hydro Smart Meter Team, and Corix Utilities:


Re: B.C. Hydro Account # _________  Address: ___________________________________________


I wrote to B.C. Hydro to give clear notice that I am refusing to allow the installation of a Wireless “Smart Meter” on my property.  I made it clear in my communication that I am refusing to have my privacy rights violated.  I also made it clear that my decision to refuse a Wireless Smart Meter is also to protect my health and the health of my family.


You wrote back on behalf of B.C. Hydro, which serves as an acknowledgement of B.C. Hydro’s receipt of my notice of refusal.


In your reply you create fictitious hoops for me to jump through to exercise my rights.  You make it clear that I must fill out a form and meet with a B.C. Hydro representative, and if I do not, my current meter will be exchanged with a Wireless Smart Meter.  Therefore, you are saying that I must comply with the conditions created in your letter before I can exercise: my right to privacy, my right to protect my health and the health of my family, my property rights; in effect, my civil, human and democratic rights.


There is no basis in law for nullifying a clear and unambiguous exercise of rights by imposing fictitious conditions that do not exist in law.




The B.C. Hydro Smart Metering Program and your letter raise some very troubling ethical issues.  Electricity is an essential service that we cannot live without.  We have only one electricity provider and so are locked into this essential service.  Now the sole provider is imposing, without consent, Wireless Smart Meters in our homes, workplaces and neighbourhoods.  I have the following questions for B.C. Hydro:


  1. What law grants B.C. Hydro or the Government of B.C. the authority to circumvent the rights of B.C. residents to protect their privacy by refusing to allow devices on their homes that disclose personal details such as electricity use patterns; information the police currently need a warrant to obtain?


  1. We, who have written to B.C. Hydro refusing Wireless Smart Meters, are legitimately concerned about the potential health consequences of the radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation emitted by these devices.  Have we reached a time in B.C. when individuals, in an effort to protect their personal health and the health of their families, can no longer choose to avoid perceived dangers in their very homes? What law gives B.C. Hydro or the Provincial Government of B.C. the right to expose individuals and their families, without their knowledge or permission, to potential dangers in their homes?


  1. By what authority does B.C. Hydro ignore our rights to protect our neighbourhoods from man-made radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation emitted constantly at street level from multiple Wireless Smart Meters and Wireless Smart Meter infrastructure; the very neighbourhoods where our children play?


  1. B.C. Hydro is a monopoly, owned by the public. What gives B.C. Hydro the right to impose fictitious conditions on customers who wish to register refusal of a new Wireless Smart Meter? What law gives our utility company the right to intimidate customers in attempts to force them to forego their rights to health, privacy and the welfare of their families?


  1. What law or regulation gives B.C. Hydro the right to place a two-way radiofrequency telecommunications device on my home without my permission?


The B.C. Clean Energy Act is being touted as the authority for B.C. Hydro to install Smart Meters. Nowhere in that Act or the regulations is there any mandate to install Wireless Smart Meters. There is no reason that B.C. cannot provide its citizens with Wired Smart Meters, as do Idaho or Italy. The B.C. Government has not mandated Wireless Smart Meters in its legislation or in its regulations. That arbitrary decision is being forced on every B.C. household and business without authority.


I insist that B.C. Hydro reconsider its Wireless Smart Metering Program.  Fair and reasonable accommodation, without undue financial costs and penalties, must be made for those who, like me, will not allow a Wireless Smart Meter to be installed. I am not willing to meet with B.C. Hydro, in part because I am worried about being intimidated and not taken seriously.


Citizens for Safe Technology Society and the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters are working with lawyer Shawn Buckley, of Buckley and Company, 600 – 235 First Avenue, Kamloops, B.C., V2C 3J4.

Mr. Buckley and executive members of both organizations agree to meet with B.C. Hydro on my behalf to address my concerns.


If you would like to set up an appointment to meet with Mr. Buckley and these representatives, please send written notice of such request to Mr. Buckley’s office as above.


Yours sincerely,



Full Name.

Full address.


CC – Corix Utilities                               

NDP Energy Critic John Horgan                       

NDP Deputy Health Critic Sue Hammell,

BC Chief Medical Officer Perry Kendall

Green Party Federal Leader Elizabeth May

Minister of Health, Mike de Jong           

NDP Health Critic Mike Farnworth        

Minister of Energy Rich Coleman          

Liberal BC Leader Christy Clark            

NDP BC Leader Adrian Dix                  

Green Party BC Leader Jane Sterk         

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