POLITICAL HIT MAN : ( Definition )





Got your attention  ???


The term is not original ; but I think it is one to be more clearly defined within the context of this discussion.


A ”  HIT MAN ” has traditionally been a slang term in reference to a for- hire ” Problem eliminator ”


NO…..This is NOT at all what this discussion will engage in.


Its much worse…..no violence or any illegal act….but ” fiat lux” ….let there be light…..shine a light into the darkness that is unfortunately Modern society


It should be clear via the adjective ” Political”  that the target/s  are those empowered via the democratic process ( Politicians and Civil Servants ) to represent the citizens and their best interest  aka ” servants of the public”  , …………but instead  act like dictators,  puppetts, stooges, etc. and ultimately engage in abuses of their empowerment to serve either backroom masters,  , special interest groups , personal agendas, etc. etc. but  in the process abuse the public trust and create numerous inequities and injustices for the General Public or groups within the General Public


In essence , certifiable betrayal   of the General Public by these ” Public Servants “.


They even have the audacity to imply or blatantly state, ” You elected./ hired  us, ….trust us , …..blindly or othewise ..too bad if you disagree “


Such people should be ”  Taken Out “.


Taken Out  ???  = What  ???




” Taken out ” refers to identifying the parties as frauds , charlatans, bullies, hypocrites , creating inequites , etc…..and, in essence, are simply wolves in sheeps clothing .


They have abused the public trust, and have effectively betrayed the majority of their bosses, namely we ,  the citizens,  as indentured slaves, cash cows, pawns with a pulse to be tolerated by them.


These ” Public Servant”  parties feel immune from justice, feeling that their employer ,ie We, the Govt, …..ie We the rest of society , ie We the taxpayers,  ……will be obligated to pay their legal expenses, and many citizens  walk away , .stay victims and let the inmates remain control of the asylum, to the detriment of the rest of us ..


A politcal hit man is non -partisan, but a warrior for democracy and truth, upholding the honour of those who have gone before us that made great sacrifices for democracy, and those same honourable people who will continue to do so in the present and future .


A Political hit man is relentless and merciless. They are extremely resourceful.


The targets are often arrogant bullies. Behind every bully is a coward . Once one is challenged, the other side is clearly exposed.,


Once the target is established, the objective will be achieved .


The objective is to identify the target, have the sufficient evidence, and use various strategies to remove them from any/all empowered office or employed position and relegate them back to civilian life


What a Political Hit Man has to be aware of is sheer and utter exposure , humiliation and ” truthing ” of those targeted delinquents of democracy effectively removes these dishnourable tumours of democracy. They have no choice.


The Political Hit Mans’  target/s resign, or is forced to resign or voted out of office… and send a clear and unambiguous message to the rest of their  group that such abuse of democracy will not be acceptable and their employment and subsequent empowerment is now null and void.


The Political Hit man will teach their skills to comrades and network with others , accepting evidence and rendering judgememt, given the traditonal justice system is, for all intents and purposes,  the Justice INDUSTRY  ,….incestuous, corrupt, and in essence an ” Old boys club”  that is equal to   Justice denied =Justice delayed= NO justice  EVER.


Within ” the law” the Political Hit Man  is a legal  option, there is nothing illegal about it, and more importanlty., the system is defenceless against Political Hit men 


The Justice system/Justice Industry has (2) tiers      (i)  one set of rules for the targets  ,………….. (ii) and one set of rules for the REST of us.


In many ways, this is not any less than what a good invstigative reporter would do.


The Political Hit Man is honourable, and does this for the overall good of society.  


There is nothing criminal in their acts and nothing the LAW  and Law Enforcement can do.


The Targets are powerless


Retire the targets and clean up the mess.


Question: The ” Political Hit Man’s”  alias? 


Answer : Every Citzen that has had enough of the Status -Quo and wants change ASAP.


Its also called exercising your democratic right and take back what the thieves and scam artists in Gov’t stole from you



—-The Politcal Hitman code will be updated over time and

—-Examples of ” trophies” will be  listed.

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